Brake Malfunction on Honda Motorcycles

Our Atlanta product liability attorneys are following recent news about Honda’s recall of 126,000 motorcycles with malfunctioning brakes, the second such recall done. These vehicle recalls show product defects in vehicles could potentially cause accidents, injuries, and even deaths.
The recalled motorcycles include GL-1800 motorcycles from 2001 through 2010, and those from 2012. Honda issued an initial recall of these motorcycles in December 2011, but continued receiving complaints. Honda told the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that the reason for the problem was undetermined, and they were still investigating the cause.
Through July 24 of this year, Honda received 533 complaints about problems with the bikes. It turns out the secondary brake master cylinder can cause the rear brake to drag, which in turn can cause a crash or fire. The complaints include reports of eight small fires; luckily, no reports of crashes or injuries related to these brake problems were received.
Honda will send a letters to the owners of the affected motorcycles, explaining the problem and how to look for it. If the motorcycle is defective, an owner can take it to the dealer for inspection. They will receive another letter once the replacement parts are available to fix the motorcycle.
There are more than 200,000 registered motorcycles in Georgia. Over the recent Labor Day weekend, members of American Bikers Active Toward Education (ABATE) of Georgia stated that the trend of buying a motorcycle instead of a car is continuing since gas prices remain high. ABATE asserts that one motorcycle death is too many; the group’s slogan is, “Look twice to save a life.With regard to their slogan, the group explains, “How to process that information is to look twice, so your brain receives two different signals and can triangulate the motorcycle’s presence, distance, and oncoming speed.ABATE succeeded in helping to pass a bill increasing the penalty for those who cause injury or death to a motorcyclist. They also teach young drivers in schools, and help raise awareness that all drivers should drive safely and note all vehicles around them.
Motorcyclists remain vulnerable on the roads they share with bigger cars and trucks. Sometimes even good drivers, let alone those distracted or impaired, do not see these smaller vehicles. In already dangerous situations, defective or malfunctioning motorcycles can create even more serious consequences.

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