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A product is recalled when it is determined it presents an unacceptable risk to public safety. In far too many situations, the product is recalled after someone gets hurt by its use. When this occurs, an Atlanta defective product lawyer should be consulted by victims who need assistance pursuing a claim for compensation. Taking legal action in the case of a defective product can allow victims to be fully compensated for all losses arising from the product defect. Because of special strict liability rules applicable when products malfunction and cause harm, a plaintiff in a defective product case should be compensated for damages regardless of whether the product manufacturer was negligent or not. Medicine recall Van Sant Law

A plaintiff must prove a problem with the product occurred in order to be able to successfully make a product liability case. Evidence may include expert testimony and studies showing problems with the product. A recall may sometimes be used as evidence in a product liability claim, although recalls do not automatically make manufacturers liable even when presented as evidence. Recalls can alert consumers to the fact that a product they were using harmed them, so the consumer can stop using the product and can move forward with exploring the possibility of legal action.

What are the Different Types of Product Recalls?

When children receive gifts for Halloween or the upcoming winter holidays, the new toys and other presents should bring nothing but joy to the home. Unfortunately, sometimes toys turn out to be dangerous and they actually put children at risk of serious injury or even death. Young girl playing in a park Van Sant Law

An Atlanta defective products lawyer knows that the number of toy recalls have been declining in recent years, as safety efforts have improved and dangerous toys are more often identified before they are actually released to the public. However, risky toys could still make it onto store shelves. When kids receive gifts for Halloween or other holidays, parents need to be aware of how to check for recalls and should make sure that these new toys are safe before kids start playing.

Recalled Toy Dangers for Kids

When you buy a product, you have the right to expect it will be reasonably free from defects and safe to operate when used as intended. This is especially true with a costly consumer product that has the potential to put you at serious risk of harm€“ such as a motor vehicle. Atlanta defective products Van Sant Law

Cars should be designed to operate in a safe way on the roads to protect drivers, occupants, and other motorists. Unfortunately, in recent years, there have been a record number of vehicles recalled because of serious or even life-threatening defects. Now, the NHTSA is actually warning some motorists to stop driving their vehicles immediately because those cars present an immediate risk to safety.

Car manufacturers, like other product makers or distributers, should be held accountable if the items they sell to consumers cause harm. An Atlanta defective product lawyer should be consulted to provide representation and assistance to victims injured by a dangerous car or other products that cause harm when used as intended.

Baby carriers and baby strollers are customary gear for parents of young children. Carriers and strollers are intended to help keep children safe and to help make families more mobile. Unfortunately, sometimes these devices that are meant to protect young children can actually result in them getting hurt. Atlanta accidents Van Sant Law

When an infant or young child is injured as a result of an accident in a carrier or in a stroller, it becomes important to determine why the incident happened and who was to blame. In some circumstances, the infant’s injuries are the result of an unpreventable accident. In most situations, however, the problem stems from a poor product design, an absence of important safety features, a product defect, or a failure to warn parents of the risks of using the product.

When problems arise and babies get hurt, parents and young families need to know their rights. An Atlanta product liability lawyer can provide help in pursuing a claim for damages if the stroller manufacturer is to blame for the incident which caused harm

Every eight minutes, a young baby under the age of three is involved in an accident as a result of an issue with a baby product, according to Scientific American. Each year, an estimated 66,000 kids get hurt due to some type of accident that occurs while a baby product is being used. This is a huge number of infants who may need expensive medical care and who could suffer permanent damage or even be killed as a result of injuries sustained in an accident. Atlanta product defect lawyer Van Sant Law

Parents need to be aware of what the risks are, and also of how the law protects them and their children. If the accident which occurs is caused by a problem with the baby product, parents have legal options. A parent could pursue a claim on behalf of a child who was injured due to a defective baby product. This lawsuit could make it possible for parents to get the money they need to provide the best care for an injured baby. An Atlanta defective product lawyer can help parents to determine if they might have a case and can fight for parents to get full compensation if their son or daughter was hurt due to a product defect.

Which Baby Products Caused the Most Atlanta Injuries?

During the holiday season, many new items come into people’s homes. From toys under the tree to holiday decorations, you may be buying lots of new stuff. Unfortunately, as you bring items into your home, you take the risk that those items could be dangerous or have a defect that causes harm. holiday defective product injuries Van Sant Law

When a product turns out to be dangerous, victims who are hurt by its use can pursue a claim for damages. An Atlanta defective products lawyer can provide assistance in determining if you have a product liability claim based on an injury resulting from a product defect.

If you do, our legal team can help you to pursue a case to get compensation for losses from the product manufacturer and others who are accountable for getting the dangerous product into your hands.

In 2015, there were 68 different products which were sold for use by children and which subsequently had to be recalled after being released. The Sun Times reports this is a relatively low number of product recalls, and that recall rates are down because of improved regulations and better safety efforts. While this may be fewer recalled products than in the past, the 68 products which were recalled still represented 5.5 million products which were unsafe and which were sold for children to use. atlanta defective toy lawyer Van Sant Law

When a product is dangerous, hopefully it is taken off the shelves before anyone gets sick or injured. Unfortunately, this often does not happen. In fact, many recalled products marketed for both children and adults are still in use to this day despite the dangers.

Victims who are hurt by a product which is dangerous and which has been subject to a recall should consult with an Atlanta product liability lawyer for help pursuing a damage claim.

Our Atlanta product liability attorneys know that companies often try to get away with having potentially dangerous products on the market, and when they are caught because someone gets seriously injured and sues, they want to “hide the balland get out of it.

That is why it is important to get legal help as soon as possible if you are hurt by a product.

Our Georgia products liability lawyers understand the many avenues of liability that are formed in the making of a product, because everyone in the chain of production of that product owes a duty of care to the end purchaser. There is also liability from a failure to warn of a dangerous aspect or potential harm that is not immediately apparent to the user of the product.

When, as consumers, we count on products to work as they are supposed to, and they do not and cause harmful consequences, there is recourse in product liability law . Recent posts about this have involved medical products, but motor vehicles have the potential to be dangerous if there is something wrong, as well. A recent news story has highlighted the danger of a product for safety when driving that can be replaced with a fake, causing serious injuries or death in car accidents.

Airbags in cars have saved lives and lessened the severity of injuries in car accidents. However, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has issued a warning about counterfeit airbags. NHTSA says the counterfeit airbags are being used as replacements for the proper product. So far they are not aware of any injuries or deaths relating to these fakes, but it is still dangerous to have them out there with the potential for injury or death. These fake airbags look nearly identical to the real ones, including the insignia and branding of major automakers, but NHTSA tested one and it showed consistent malfunctioning ranging from non-deployment of the airbag to the expulsion of metal shrapnel during deployment. The fact that there have been no injuries, with these factors, may amount more to luck than to anything else.

NHTSA has identified certain makes and models of cars for which counterfeit airbags may be available (see a list at the bottom of this article). However, NHTSA says that only 0.1 percent of the cars in the U.S. may be affected. You may be affected if you have had the airbag replaced in your car within the last three years and it was not replaced by a new car dealership. If you have had your airbag replaced, or if you have bought a new airbag online, it is recommended that you contact the call center for your car’s manufacturer. You can get further information about call centers here.

Our Atlanta product liability attorneys are following recent news about Honda’s recall of 126,000 motorcycles with malfunctioning brakes, the second such recall done. These vehicle recalls show product defects in vehicles could potentially cause accidents, injuries, and even deaths.

The recalled motorcycles include GL-1800 motorcycles from 2001 through 2010, and those from 2012. Honda issued an initial recall of these motorcycles in December 2011, but continued receiving complaints. Honda told the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that the reason for the problem was undetermined, and they were still investigating the cause.

Through July 24 of this year, Honda received 533 complaints about problems with the bikes. It turns out the secondary brake master cylinder can cause the rear brake to drag, which in turn can cause a crash or fire. The complaints include reports of eight small fires; luckily, no reports of crashes or injuries related to these brake problems were received.

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