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The family of a 16-year old boy filed a lawsuit on his behalf on Friday, November 8th after the teenager died when he consumed synthetic marijuana. According to the lawsuit, a store owner in Atlanta contributed to the teenager’s death by selling him the harmful drug.

The family argues that the store owner should have known the dangers that were associated with consuming the drug. The family also argues that the store owner was aware that children were smoking the drug to get high, and should have been more cautious when selling them the drugs. The teen died in March of 2012 after smoking Spice. The product was labeled Mojo Diamond Extreme in the packaging at the gas station store.

The defendant in this case, a man who owns a Gingko Food Mart, allegedly purchased the Mojo Diamond Extreme and his brother sold it at a BP station in Peachtree City. The father of the decedent says that he is committed to do whatever it takes to hold anyone who has a part in their son’s death accountable. The owner of the Gingko Food Mart refused to answer any questions about the lawsuit for curious press.

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