Dressing Safely for Your Next Motorcycle Ride

Atlanta Attorneys With motorcycle safety InfoSpring is almost here, which means that, with the warmer temperatures, there will be more motorcycles on the road. Before you gear up for your next ride, make sure you are wearing the proper gear.

Protect Yourself

You are required to complete the state’s Motorcycle Safety Program, but that isn’t enough to protect yourself on the road. You also need to choose the right clothing and safety equipment that is designed for comfort and safety. Realize that only your gear protects you from objects in the air or on the road, so this isn’t something that you should do in haste.
Some things to wear on your next ride include:

  • Gloves – Gloves keep your hands warm, but also provide you with ample grip during hot or rainy days. You need full-fingered gloves with grip for maximum control.
  • Riding Pants – These need to be thick enough to protect your skin in case you spill your bike. Leather is often preferred, but there are also specialty jeans made for motorcycle riders that feature durable liners, such as Kevlar.
  • Riding Boots – You should always wear proper-fitting riding boots. These give you better pedal control and improve your road grip when bringing your bike to a stop. High boots can also offer additional leg protection.
  • Helmet – Your helmet is critical. While it may not be required in all areas, wearing a motorcycle helmet is still a good idea. During an accident, that helmet could be the difference between surviving a crash and walking away, or a traumatic brain injury or death.

Synthetic Alternatives Perform Better Than Leather

When you shop for motorcycle gear, you may notice that leather is popular. But, before you reach for leather, consider one common drawback: Leather can be extremely hot – especially during Southern summer months. These days, there are synthetic alternatives that feature a mesh-like, yet rigid material that keeps your body cool while still protecting you just as much as leather does.

Do Not Discount the Value of Visibility

Never forgo visibility for attractive gear. While you may have found the perfect riding helmet, if it obstructs your visibility, it is not worth the risk. One of the primary reasons that motorcycle accidents occur is because the rider did not have ample vision. Also, remember that a large majority of motorcycle accidents occur because motor vehicle drivers cannot see the riders or their bikes. If you can, purchase equipment that enhances your visibility – especially at night or during poor weather. That includes jackets with reflective tape, brightly colored accessories, or even reflectors on your bike.

Injured in a Motorcycle Accident? Call an Atlanta Accident Attorney

Motorcycle accidents can be devastating. Even at slow speeds, a rider could sustain serious, life-threatening injuries. If you or a loved one was injured in a motorcycle accident, contact the attorneys at Van Sant Law. Schedule your consultation at 404-991-5950 or fill out our online contact form with your questions.

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