Some Defective Vehicles Present an Immediate Risk to Safety

When you buy a product, you have the right to expect it will be reasonably free from defects and safe to operate when used as intended. This is especially true with a costly consumer product that has the potential to put you at serious risk of harm€“ such as a motor vehicle. Atlanta defective products Van Sant Law
Cars should be designed to operate in a safe way on the roads to protect drivers, occupants, and other motorists. Unfortunately, in recent years, there have been a record number of vehicles recalled because of serious or even life-threatening defects. Now, the NHTSA is actually warning some motorists to stop driving their vehicles immediately because those cars present an immediate risk to safety.
Car manufacturers, like other product makers or distributers, should be held accountable if the items they sell to consumers cause harm. An Atlanta defective product lawyer should be consulted to provide representation and assistance to victims injured by a dangerous car or other products that cause harm when used as intended.

NHTSA Warns Some Defective Vehicles Present an Immediate Safety Risk

Consumer Reports wrote about the warning issued by NHTSA about vehicles that motorists should stop driving. This particular warning went out to drivers of Ford Ranger pickup trucks and Mazda B pickup trucks from 2006. These vehicles contain Takata airbags that have inflators the NHTSA has classified as “dangerously defective.
Takata airbags have been found in millions of vehicles and have led to a massive increase in car recalls in recent years. Dozens of deaths have been linked to these dangerous airbags, which is why any motorist driving a vehicle with a Takata airbag should make sure to get repairs made as soon as possible. Because carmakers have recalled vehicles with dangerous Takata airbags, getting repairs made should be free for consumers €” but unfortunately there are a limited number of parts, so many motorists have been waiting months or even years.
For motorists with Ford Ranger or Mazda B pickup trucks, however, NHTSA is warning that motorists shouldn’t just keep driving their cars until they can get their airbags fixed. Instead, NHTSA is urging motorists with these particular vehicles to immediately stop driving because their vehicles could put them at even greater risk of harm than other motorists with Takata airbags in their cars.
The NHTSA’s warning was prompted by the fact two people died in similar trucks with Takata airbags that were built on the same day. The NHTSA normally doesn’t issue do not drive warnings, but has made an exception in this case. Consumers with these trucks are being told they can get their cars towed to Ford or Mazda dealers for repairs at no costs to them; and Ford and Mazda both indicated dealers have parts now and are ready to make repairs.
If consumers do end up being harmed by defective Takata airbags, they should be certain they understand their rights and get an attorney to help them pursue a claim for damages.

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