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When Congress passed the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, it created the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, also known as OSHA. This small yet vital government agency has just 2,100 inspectors, but is responsible for ensuring the health and safety of approximately 130 million workers at more than eight million workplaces across the country.

Top OSHA workplace violationsFrom its 10 regional offices and 85 local offices, OSHA conducts inspections and enforces federal safety standards, in addition to providing valuable training and education.

Each year, OSHA releases a list of the top 10 most cited safety violations for the previous fiscal year. In fiscal year 2018 (October 1, 2017 to September 30, 2018), the most common standards violations were:

Construction workers, firefighters, factory workers, landscapers, bakers, HVAC workers, miners, and other employees who work outdoors or in extreme heat environments are at risk of severe heat-related injuries and illnesses. These include heat cramps, heat exhaustion, or heat stroke. Workers who are 65 or older, have high blood pressure or heart disease, take certain prescription medications, or are overweight face even greater risks of injury due to extreme heat.

Also, in addition to injuries caused by the heat itself, people who work in hot temperatures face increased risks of other workplace accidents and injuries. This is because the heat may lead to sweaty hands, fogged safety glasses, dizziness, confusion, or even dehydration.

heat illnesses and workersHeat-related workplace injuries are far more common—and serious—than most people realize. According to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), thousands of workers in the United States become ill and dozens die each year while working in extremely hot or humid conditions. The worst part? These illnesses and deaths are largely preventable.

knee and leg injuries and workersThe knees and legs are some of the busiest parts of the body: you engage them while walking, sitting, standing, bending, lifting, and kneeling. A severe leg or knee injury can be debilitating, challenging your mobility and making basic daily tasks difficult. These health complications can even affect your ability to earn a living, especially if your job involves lifting or other manual labor.

Knee and Leg Injuries in the Workplace

Sadly, accidents resulting in knee and leg injuries are frequent in the workplace. Some of the most reported injuries include:

falls in the workplace Van Sant LawFalls—whether on the same level or from a height—are leading causes of workplace injuries, disabilities, and deaths in the United States. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), on-the-job slips, trips, and falls resulted in 227,760 injuries and 887 fatalities in 2017 alone.

Serious slips, trips, and falls cause wide ranges of debilitating, disabling, or deadly health issues, such as broken bones, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), neck or back trauma, and spinal cord damage resulting in varying degrees of paralysis.

Some of the most common causes of workplace falls include:

It should come as no surprise that working in certain jobs is much more dangerous than working in other professions. There are some industries where you are working with tools equipment, and machinery and are out in the field all day doing physical labor. These jobs tend to have a higher probability of something going wrong. While this does not mean injuries cannot happen anywhere, it does mean that extra precautions should be taken by both employers and employees in the highest risk sectors. Atlanta workplace fatalities Van Sant Law

When a death on-the-job happens, an Atlanta workplace fatality lawyer should be consulted by the family members of the person who was killed. Death benefits should be available through workers’ compensation, provided it can be demonstrated that the fatality was a work-related one. The death of a worker can be devastating for family members and all steps should be taken to prevent such a tragedy from occurring.

If the death happens, however, at least workers’ compensation can help to shield the family from some possible financial consequences associated with losing the deceased’s income.

Adding to the bad news about the state workers compensation system comes a new report from the Center for Effective Government (CEG). Safety BLR reports that the CEG believes the state-run workers’ compensation systems are “crumblingand are not providing adequate protections to workers who suffer on-the-job injuries. work- sparking Van Sant Law

Workers’ comp benefits are the only option for many people who get hurt on the job. If you suffer an injury related to your work, the Atlanta workers’ comp lawyers at Van Sant Law, LLC can provide advice about your options and can represent you as you try to get the benefits you need.

Problems with the Atlanta Workers’ Compensation System- and Possible Solutions

Actions taken by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) can have a profound impact on the safety of workers. When OSHA issues regulations and when regulations are effectively enforced, employers are forced to make worksites safer and workers in turn have a reduced risk of being injured or killed while doing their jobs. new business Van Sant Law

While OSHA has some understaffing problems and is not always effective, the agency does do a lot of important things to help workers avoid on-the-job injury. Safety News Alert recently summarized some OSHA trends from 2014 that affected employers and workers and that could shape workplace safety efforts this upcoming year.

It is important, however, for workers to remember that there is no requirement that an OSHA violation be committed in order for workers’ compensation eligibility. Any time a worker is hurt or killed while on-the-job or while doing work tasks, that individual or his family members should be entitled to work injury benefits. An Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer can help to pursue a claim for benefits.

The recovery following the recession of 2008 and 2009 has resulted in explosive growth of the temporary workforce. USA Today reported in 2013 that in the four years since the recession ended, there has been more than a 50 percent increase in the number of temp workers in the country. There were around 2.7 million temps in 2013, which is the highest number ever recorded. No other sectors have expanded at the rate that the temporary workforce has, and when combined with freelancers, contract workers and consultants, about 12 percent of all workers in the country do not have a traditional employment relationship. clean-well Van Sant Law

Unfortunately, this is very bad news for workers. Not only are temp workers frequently denied traditional workplace benefits like healthcare or vacation time, but they may also be forced to work in conditions that are not very safe. When a temp worker is hurt on-the-job, he needs to understand how to make a workers’ compensation claim outside of the traditional employment relationship. An Atlanta workers’ comp lawyer can provide guidance and assistance on obtaining benefits and compensation.

U.S. Is Lagging in Protections for Temp Workers

As Atlanta, Georgia Workers’ Compensation Attorneys, we know that when involved in a workplace accident or injured at work, getting a diagnosis of a severe spinal cord injury can be devastating. Spinal cord injuries can often mean complete and total paralysis or partial paralysis, and there is no known cure for spinal cord injuries that will get you back on your feet. This means that when a spinal cord injury happens as a result of a work-related accident, the injury can change your whole life.

Because spinal cord injuries have such serious consequences, it is imperative you speak with an Atlanta, Georgia Workers’ Compensation Lawyer as soon as your doctor indicates that you may have suffered a severe spinal cord injury. Workers’ compensation benefits should be available to provide the medical care you need, as well as to provide income to help support you and your family if your disability prevents you from working. An experienced Atlanta, Georgia Workers’ Compensation Attorney will help to make sure you get the full extent of the benefits available under Georgia workers’ compensation laws.

Causes of Spinal Cord Injuries in Workplace Accidents

The holiday season is a busy time for retail workers. Unfortunately, during this festive season, there is also a big risk of retail employees getting hurt on-the-job. There are many different reasons why retail workers face an elevated risk of injury during the holiday season. Understanding the risks is essential for both workers and employers in order to try to reduce dangers. retail worker injuries

If a work injury happens during the holiday season, the victim must know his or her rights under Georgia law. Georgia law doesn’t allow workers to sue employers under most circumstances, but does make it possible for a workers’ compensation claim to be made after any and all on-the-job injuries. An Atlanta workplace accident lawyer can provide assistance to retail workers who are hurt during the festive season, or at any time of the year.

Why are Atlanta Retail Workers in Danger of Holiday Workplace Injuries?

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