Tips for Using Social Media After a Motorcycle Wreck

social media posting after a motorcycle crashSocial media is a part of a daily routine for many people. Though these sites make it possible to connect with people all over the world, they’re also potentially damaging to someone trying to resolve a personal injury case.
After a motorcycle wreck, riders who decide to seek compensation for their injuries and other losses might face bias from many people. Members of law enforcement, insurance adjusters, and people in the civil court system might suspect the victim was either responsible for their own injuries—or not as injured as they claim.
When attempting to undermine an injured motorcyclist’s narrative, his or her social media accounts will be one of the first things to face scrutiny. This inspection can be both intense and unfair.
The best way for an injured rider to avoid having their social media posts misconstrued and used against them is to avoid using these accounts until their personal injury case is resolved.
However, not everyone is willing or able to cut their social media ties completely, or even temporarily. If giving up social media cold turkey isn’t a viable option, these tips help you prevent online activity from jeopardizing the ability to collect a fair financial recovery for your injuries:

  • Don’t discuss the motorcycle accident. Even celebratory posts about walking away from a serious crash can be twisted to suggest you weren’t injured.
  • Don’t mention your injuries. Posts about your injuries will be dissected and used to question whether you’re as hurt as you’ve claimed.
  • Don’t post about your activities. One of the main things insurance adjusters and defense attorneys hope to see when combing through an accident victim’s social media accounts are posts about them engaging in activities they shouldn’t be able to do if injured.
  • Ask others to avoid posting about or tagging you in photos. Accident victims often “push through the pain” to keep family or social obligations. Even if you weren’t engaging in strenuous physical activities, pictures could seem to tell another story. So ask Aunt Sarah not to post that photo of you holding a football at the family reunion (even if you didn’t play).

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