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Following the tragic events that occurred in the early hours of Sunday, May 31, 2021, the Georgia law firm of Van Sant Law, chosen to represent the victim, is committed to vigorously pursuing justice. At Van Sant Law, we take our responsibilities as attorneys very seriously. We know our clients come to us during some of the most difficult times in their lives. We are honored to represent the family of Tarik Kindell, who was the victim of a deadly wrong-way collision on GA-400, and pursue justice on his behalf. Although no verdict can mend the loss, we are committed to doing everything the civil justice system will allow to right this wrong and leave a positive long-lasting legacy in Tarik’s honor.

Attorney David Van Sant stated that “the community has suffered the loss of a bright young man and our sympathy and prayers go out to the family.” Van Sant added that “our firm’s top priority right now is to allow the family time to grieve and process this tragedy while we work behind the scenes to make sure justice is served.” The team at Van Sant Law urges everyone to be safe out there and please be extra vigilant on our roads and highways.

Multi-vehicle crash casesAny car accident has the potential to cause injury or death, but crashes involving three or more vehicles can be particularly devastating.

Known as multi-vehicle accidents or pile-ups, these dangerous collisions are often the result of a chain reaction, such as:

  • A rear-end accident that pushes a car forward, causing it to crash into the vehicle ahead of it.

How to help your teen become a safe driverGetting a driver’s license may be a rite of passage for teenagers but for parents, it’s often a major cause for concern—and for good reason. Not only are teen drivers less experienced than other motorists, but they’re also more likely to text behind the wheel or engage in other distracted driving behaviors that can result in devastating crashes.

In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death for teenagers in the United States.

Though statistics like these can be chilling, if your teen is approaching driving age, you can take comfort in the fact that Georgia’s Teenage & Adult Driver Responsibility Act (TADRA) graduated licensing system provides plenty of time for them to hone their safe driving skills. Under TADRA, teens must complete an intensive, three-step process to receive an unrestricted license. The steps are as follows:

Distracted driving is a leading cause of motor vehicle-related accidents, injuries, and deaths in Georgia and throughout the United States. While any activity that takes your attention away from the road can be dangerous, few distractions are as hazardous as using a cell phone behind the wheel.

GA cell phone laws while drivingTexting is considered particularly risky, as it combines manual, cognitive, and visual distractions. In fact, according to the National Safety Council, texting or talking on a cell phone leads to as many as 1.6 million car accidents and more than 4,600 deaths each year.

Georgia is one of several states with a legislature that’s stepped up to combat cell phone-related distracted driving accidents, injuries, and deaths. The state banned texting while driving in 2010 and the legislature passed the Hands-Free Georgia Act in 2018. The law makes it illegal for drivers to hold their cell phone or use any body part to support it while piloting the vehicle.

Distracted driving endangers everyone on the road and, while all behind-the-wheel distractions are risky, texting while driving takes the cake for being the most dangerous. Why? Because it combines the three main types of driver distractions:

  • Taking your eyes off the road
  • Having at least one hand off the wheel

GPS related accidentsAs more people rely on GPS navigation while driving, accidents and injuries involving this technology are becoming common.

Though GPS often helps drivers successfully find their way from Point A to Point B, these popular devices and apps are dangerous distractions—especially when the driver disables navigational voice commands or attempts to input information without pulling over.

In some cases, outdated maps may cause GPS programs to direct drivers to unsafe or otherwise unsuitable roads and terrain. Motorists who place their trust entirely in a GPS device or app—regardless of what common sense or current road and weather conditions dictate—can cause serious car accidents and injuries.

recorded statement for insuranceAfter a car crash, it’s standard practice for an adjuster from the

at-fault party’s insurance company to contact victims to ask for a recorded statement.

Insurance adjusters often request these question-and-answer sessions just days after the accident, usually under the guise of expediting the victim’s claim or giving them an opportunity to tell their side of the story.

According to Express News, a family was recently awarded $124.5 million in compensation because their seven-year-old son suffered severe brain damage while riding in the family’s Audi. The vehicle was rear-ended and the front seat collapsed backward. This caused the head of the driver to strike the head of his son, who was sitting in the seat directly behind the driver’s seat. The seven-year-old boy sustained a depressed skull fracture and was left partially blind and paralyzed. He requires full-time medical care as a result of the severity of his injuries. Atlanta defective product injury Van Sant Law

Both Audi and the driver who rear-ended the family vehicle were found responsible, but Audi was considered to be the most at fault because of the problem with the vehicle that resulted in the seat collapsing to the back.

In situations where there is a defect in a vehicle that causes or contributes to an injury, car makers can be held liable under strict liability rules, even without proving negligence. An Atlanta defective product lawyer can help victims to pursue a case for compensation from car manufacturers and from other manufacturers of defective products.

Drunk drivers are supposed to lose their license for a set period of time. The specific amount of time varies depending upon whether they have prior offenses and, in some cases, how high their blood alcohol concentration was at the time they were behind the wheel. The goal of these restrictions is both to act as a deterrent to prevent drunk driving and to keep people who could potentially be dangerous off of the roads. drunk driving car crashes atlanta georgia Van Sant Law

Since DUI license suspensions are supposed to make the roads safer, it may come as a surprise that Mothers Against Drunk Driving is in support of one city’s plan to eliminate an automatic 30-day suspension for impaired motorists. There are multiple arguments being made as to why this automatic suspension should be lifted, but the key is that it would instead be replaced by a requirement that DUI-offenders have ignition interlock devices installed in their vehicles.

Developing effective ways to prevent DUI accidents is essential, regardless of the specific methods used. Those who are hurt or who lose loved ones in drunk driving accidents face tremendous loss. An Atlanta drunk driving accident lawyer at Van Sant Law, LLC can provide legal representation to victims and help them to recover compensation for both economic and non-monetary damages.

If you have ever had to handle a property damage claim to get your car, truck or motorcycle repaired after a minor fender bender, you will have dealt with the insurance claim by yourself. Generally, most insurance companies are fairly accommodating when it comes to property damage claims. If their driver was obviously at fault, they’ll settle the claim and get you back on the road fairly quickly. Sadly, this is rarely the case when dealing with a personal injury or wrongful death claim. You will need to hire an experienced Atlanta car accident attorney if you want to have any hope of recovering the full and fair compensation you are entitled to under Georgia law.

wreckAuto collisions resulting in bodily injuries or fatalities are expensive. Never forget that €“ despite their promises to take care of you should the worst happen €“ insurance companies are a business. They exist to make a profit. Any claim against them is a loss. Even if you’ve had an easy time recovering compensation for a property damage claim in the past, it is worth remembering that insurance companies expect to take some losses €“ after all, that is the nature of the business they are in.

A personal injury or wrongful death claim on the other hand represents a substantial loss compared to smaller property damage claims. It is far more expensive to reimburse someone for their medical care, lost wages and other accident-related costs than it is to fix or replace a damaged vehicle. As a result, you will find it is often impossible to recover adequate compensation in an automobile accident case without the aid of an Atlanta car accident attorney.

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