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Trucker log book fraud and truck accidentsCommercial truck drivers are an essential part of the nation’s economy, transporting materials and goods to and from points both near and far. In doing so, the average trucker drives between 2,000 and 3,000 miles each week. That works out to a lot of time on the road. Some truck drivers may spend even more time behind the wheel due to a per-mile—rather than hourly—pay system, unrealistic employer expectations, and companies that incentivize completing tasks ahead of schedule.

Sound exhausting? It is—and it can lead to deadly accidents. Research shows that driving while fatigued can be just as impairing as driving under the influence of alcohol. And when the driver of an up-to-80,000-pound truck dozes off behind the wheel, the results can be absolutely catastrophic.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration limits how many hours truckers can drive—which is now a maximum of 70 hours during an 8-day period—and requires them to keep daily logs of their activities. However, truck operators often find ways to falsify these logs to stay on the road longer, such as making a second, “clean” set of logs. While the introduction of electronic logging devices, or ELDs, has made it slightly more difficult to create fraudulent logs, drivers can still unfairly and unsafely game the system.

truck driver fatigue and injury compensationDriving when you’re tired is a regular part of life for many people in Georgia, but it can lead to serious accidents. When the fatigued driver in question is behind the wheel of an up-to-80,000-pound commercial truck, the consequences can be catastrophic or even deadly.

Research shows that driving while drowsy can be as impairing as alcohol, resulting in poor driving performance that includes a dangerous lack of alertness, an increased likelihood

of distraction, and slowed response times.

Large truck accidents can leave victims seriously injured, unable to work, and facing mounting debt. If you or someone you love was hurt in a crash caused by a dangerous commercial driver, you may be entitled to compensation from the at-fault trucker, as well as the trucking company that employs him or her.

Crashes involving commercial trucks and passenger vehicles are often extremely serious, with passenger vehicle drivers and occupants sustaining the brunt of the injuries and damages. Though truckers might have made careless or dangerous mistakes behind the wheel, they often lack sufficient insurance coverage or assets to fully compensate victims for their losses.

Trucking company liability in crashesFortunately, thanks to vicarious liability laws, if a truck driver causes a crash while carrying out employment duties, you may also be able to hold the transportation company accountable.

trucks carrying hazardous cargoMotorists might not realize that many of the large commercial trucks sharing the roads with them are transporting dangerous cargo, such as explosives, gases, radioactive materials, flammable liquids or solids, corrosive substances, or other hazardous materials.

Though the trucks, trucking companies, and drivers who transport these substances must adhere to extremely strict state and federal safety regulations, accidents can—and do—still occur.

In fact, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, hazardous cargo is a factor in approximately 4 percent of fatal large truck crashes and roughly 2 percent of large truck injury accidents each year.

truck accidents on rural roadsLarge commercial trucks transport goods to and from points all across the country. In doing so, drivers of these massive vehicles spend much of their time on rural roads.

Though one might assume that it’s crowded urban areas where big rigs and 18-wheelers are at the greatest risk of being involved in an accident, research shows the exact opposite is true.

Not only do most accidents involving large trucks occur in rural areas, but 61 percent of rural road truck crashes result in fatalities, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

The Warner Robins, Georgia Truck Accident Attorneys at Van Sant Law, LLC, have helped clients throughout the State of Georgia to take legal action after a trucking accident. If you or a loved one has been hurt in a truck crash and you wish to make a claim against the truck driver or trucking company, give us a call today toll free at (855) 424-6587 to see how we can use our legal experience to help you recover the monetary damages to which you and your family are entitled. We handle all of cases on a contingency basis and will come to you for your free consultation.

Warner Robins, GA Truck Accidents

Warner Robins is located around ten miles south of Macon, Georgia. Warner Robins is a fast growing city, with a population that expanded 36.4 percent from 2000 to 2010. As of the 2010 census, there were as many as 65,588 people living in Warner Robins and the thriving economy and family-friendly environment was expected to continue to draw people to the area. In fact, in both 2009 and 2010, Business Week named Warner Robins as one of the best places in the state of Georgia to raise a family.

Truck collisions are often among the most serious or deadly of accidents due to the large size of tractors and other commercial vehicles. Everything possible should be done to prevent trucks from becoming involved in crashes and causing harm to motorists on the road. One of the most important steps taken in recent years has involved imposing stricter limits on the number of hours that truckers can be on the road. Unfortunately, the new rules on maximum on-duty hours and maximum drive time have been met with significant resistance. truck 2

A new survey commissioned by the Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety and the Truck Safety Coalition seems to indicate that motorists would prefer to keep strict limits in effect to ensure that tired truckers aren’t on the roads. When a fatigued driver does cause a collision, an Atlanta truck accident attorney can help those who are hurt to pursue a claim to receive monetary compensation for resulting losses.

Tired Truckers Could Increase Atlanta Truck Accidents

Truck drivers and trucking companies can be held legally responsible and made to compensate victims of truck accidents caused by their negligence or rule violations. If you or a loved one was the victim of an Albany, GA truck accident, one of the Albany, Georgia Truck Accident Attorneys at Van Sant Law, LLC, can assist you in obtaining monetary damages to cover your economic and non-economic losses. Contact us today by calling us toll free at (855) 424-6587. Our Truck Accident Attorneys handle cases throughout the state of Georgia and will come to you for a free no obligation consultation.

Albany, GA Truck Accidents

Albany, Georgia is a city in Dougherty County and is located in the southwestern part of Georgia. With a population of around 77,434 people as of the 2010 census, Albany is the eighth largest city in the state of Georgia.

Georgia law mandates that truck accident victims be compensated if their accidents resulted from the negligence or carelessness on the part of truck drivers and/or the trucking company. If you or a loved one were involved in an Alpharetta, Georgia truck accident, the Alpharetta, Georgia Truck Accident Attorneys at Van Sant Law, LLC, can help you obtain the compensation the law says you deserve. Give us a call today toll free at (855) 424-6587 for more information on how we can assist with your accident claim. We have handled trucking accident cases throughout the State of Georgia and will come to you for a free consultation.

Alpharetta, GA Truck Accidents

Alpharetta, GA has a population of around 57,551 people. Located in close proximity to the Atlanta metropolitan area, Alpharetta is considered a Northern suburb of Atlanta and draws many families from the city with its family-friendly climate.

An Athens, Georgia Truck Accident can cause a variety of serious injuries or even the death of a loved one. The laws in Georgia say that truck drivers and trucking companies are required to compensate victims or family members if the driver and/or trucking company’s negligence causes a truck crash. To learn more about your legal rights or for help making your case after a trucking crash, contact the Athens, Georgia Truck Accident Attorneys at Van Sant Law, LLC today by calling us toll free at (855) 424-6587. Our experienced Trucking Accident Attorneys handle cases through the State of Georgia and we will come to you should we determine you have a viable claim.

Athens, GA Truck Accidents

Athens, Georgia is located in the northeastern part of Georgia and is considered a college town as it is the location of the University of Georgia. Athens, Georgia has formed a unified government with nearby Clarke County and together the consolidated city-county had a population of 115,452 as of the 2010 census. This makes Athens-Clarke County the sixth largest city in the state of Georgia.

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