Drivers—Not GPS Manufacturers—Are Responsible When Bad Directions Lead to Accidents and Injuries

GPS related accidentsAs more people rely on GPS navigation while driving, accidents and injuries involving this technology are becoming common.
Though GPS often helps drivers successfully find their way from Point A to Point B, these popular devices and apps are dangerous distractions—especially when the driver disables navigational voice commands or attempts to input information without pulling over.
In some cases, outdated maps may cause GPS programs to direct drivers to unsafe or otherwise unsuitable roads and terrain. Motorists who place their trust entirely in a GPS device or app—regardless of what common sense or current road and weather conditions dictate—can cause serious car accidents and injuries.
When GPS use plays a role in a crash, people might assume the device or app manufacturer shares in liability for injuries and other losses. However, the courts haven’t seen it this way. Though drivers owe each other a duty of care, previous rulings determined that drivers aren’t owed a specific duty by digital mapmakers.
Individuals are responsible for piloting their vehicles safely at all times. A distracting GPS device or an outdated program that gives wrong directions doesn’t relieve drivers of this responsibility.
If you were hurt in an accident caused by a driver distracted by a GPS device or a driver who caused a crash by following their GPS’s inaccurate directions, you may be entitled to compensation for injuries and other damages. An experienced Georgia car accident attorney can help determine if GPS use played a role in the crash in which you were injured.

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