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Deadly Holiday Weekend – Georgia Car Accidents Over 2010 Levels

In Georgia, the Thanksgiving holiday weekend turned out to be deadlier this year than last, as 15 people were killed in vehicle crashes across the state. In 2010, 13 people perished in automobile or truck accidents on Georgia roadways.

While the numbers sound high, and the deaths are certainly tragic, there are hundreds of others who can be thankful they came out of their accidents safely. From Wednesday, Nov. 23 through Sunday, Nov. 27, there were 434 crashes reportedly handled by the Georgia State Patrol, resulting in 247 injuries. That doesn’t count wrecks that were not reported or that were handled by other authorities.

Everyone who drives or is a passenger in a vehicle needs to be exceedingly careful during holiday periods. With more traffic on the road, more drunk drivers on the road, and people hurrying to get where they think they need to be, accidents can happen.

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