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Georgia Car Accident Laws – Free Guide

Educate Yourself on Car Accidents. Protect Your Rights. Know the Law.

Making a mistake on your claim after your car accident and injury can cost you money that is rightfully yours or even cause you to lose your case altogether. The single best way to avoid mistakes during this process – and to receive maximum compensation – is to properly educate yourself about Georgia law, car accident cases, and personal injury.

We have written this car accident guide so that car accident victims and their families can have access to clear, accurate, and easy-to-understand information about the claims process. We offer this guide for free to anyone who needs it in order to educate Georgians and help car crash survivors get the support that they deserve.

As attorneys, we are dedicated to helping all accident victims understand and win their cases.

At Van Sant Law, LLC, we have written a 33 page, 7 chapter Georgia car accident guide for you to utilize free of charge. The information provided in this guide is akin to a one-hour consultation with one of our experienced attorneys. It is highly recommended that you read this guide as soon as possible, so that you avoid making a costly mistake in the aftermath of your accident. It is likely that you are already getting phone calls from adjusters who are seeking to give you a reduced value settlement for the damages you have sustained. Reading this guide will give you the tools to maximize your chances of obtaining fair injury compensation.

You will learn:

  • How personal injury cases work in our state
  • How pre-lawsuit negotiations should be handled
  • What you should do now, before you hire an attorney, to maximize your case
  • How to speak with adjusters
  • How to find the right attorney to represent you
  • How to obtain payment for your damaged automobile without the help of an attorney
  • How to handle your entire case without the help of an attorney, if desired

How This Guide Will Help You & Your Claim

First and foremost, this guide will help you understand the four major steps of the claims process:

  • The Pre-Suit Stage
  • The Pre-Suit Negotiations Stage
  • The Litigation Stage
  • The Trial Stage

In addition to outlining the general claims process, this guide will also help you answer many of the common questions that car accident survivors have regarding their cases, including:

  • Do I have a Georgia car accident claim?
  • How much is my car accident case worth?
  • What do I need to do in the days after my car accident?
  • How long do I have to file my claim?
  • Should I settle my car accident claim or go to court?
  • Can I handle my own car accident claim?
  • What is a diminished value claim?
  • What is uninsured motorist insurance?
  • Do I need a Georgia car accident attorney?

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