Blind Spots Can Cause Accidents

Blind spots. We’ve all heard the term, and depending on what type of vehicle you drive, you may have some of your own when you are driving down the road. It’s blind spots that are often “at fault” in car accidents. Unfortunately it’s the driver that usually pays.

Why Blind Spots Are So Dangerous

Many truck accidents are caused when a driver who is tailgating a big rig, merges quickly into the lane to their left or right. Truck drivers have blind spots, specifically the space directly behind the rig if extra mirrors have not been installed on the trailer.
If the trucker didn’t know the driver was there in the first place, there is nothing to keep the trucker from making his or her own turn and knocking the “hidden” vehicle off the road as it tries to pass. That sort of truck versus car accident can be deadly.
Truck drivers are trained to not trust their mirrors. Just like every other driver, they can be distracted or otherwise unaware of traffic around them.

Talk to a Georgia Accident Lawyer

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