Beware of Recalled and Defective Products During the Holidays

During the holiday season, many new items come into people’s homes. From toys under the tree to holiday decorations, you may be buying lots of new stuff. Unfortunately, as you bring items into your home, you take the risk that those items could be dangerous or have a defect that causes harm. holiday defective product injuries Van Sant Law
When a product turns out to be dangerous, victims who are hurt by its use can pursue a claim for damages. An Atlanta defective products lawyer can provide assistance in determining if you have a product liability claim based on an injury resulting from a product defect.
If you do, our legal team can help you to pursue a case to get compensation for losses from the product manufacturer and others who are accountable for getting the dangerous product into your hands.

Recalled and Defective Products Can Cause Injury Over the Holidays

Any product can be dangerous if it is poorly designed or if there are risks associated with the product and the manufacture fails to provide sufficient warning. Some of the highest risk products, however, are kids toys and items that young children use. Kids toys could be dangerous if the manufacturer doesn’t label them properly for the appropriate age group or doesn’t provide sufficient warning about hazards the toy presents. Toys could also have lead paint or other toxins in them that make kids sick, or could malfunction in other ways that harm children.
Parents need to be vigilant when buying products for their kids during Christmas, especially as young children tend to get lots of new toys during the holiday season. Before and after you buy a product, you should check safety ratings and recalls to ensure that it won’t put your child in danger. You should also check out all products you bring into your home for people of any age, as you never know when a household item will end up having a flaw that makes it harmful to use.
The Consumer Product Safety Commission has updated information on recalled products across a wide variety of different categories. If you want to make certain that the products you bring into your home are not recalled, you should regularly check with CPSC about new alerts and new issues that are discovered. You should also send in registrations to manufacturers for products and provide your contact details, as this can make it easier for manufacturers to alert you when a problem arises with a product you have purchased.
If a product does cause you harm, whether it is recalled or not, you should make certain that you understand your rights under Georgia law. You can generally hold manufacturers accountable for the harm you endure due to a defective product, regardless of whether you can prove any negligence on the part of the manufacturer. You just have to show you used the product in the intended way and got hurt doing it.

Have You Been Injured By A Defective Product?

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