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Better Use of Weather Data Could Help Prevent Atlanta Truck Accidents

Bad weather can be a major problem for truck drivers and trucking companies. Long-haul truckers have to drive through all different kinds of weather conditions as they cross the country. Rain, fog, sleet, hail, and snow are among the different weather problems that could necessitate a driver take a break from driving until the bad weather passes. These weather problems could also significantly increase the risk of auto accidents if a trucker tries to drive through the bad weather. Now, Fleet Owner is suggesting that better use of big weather data could help truckers to respond more effectively to adverse weather events. Atlanta truck accident bad weather

If a truck driver causes a crash, regardless of the weather, the driver and sometimes his employer could potentially be held accountable to accident victims. Truck drivers and trucking companies are responsible for covering crash losses if the driver causes a crash by behaving in a negligent way. This can include driving in a manner that is unsafe for current road conditions, or driving when no reasonable driver would have due to the adverse weather.

An Atlanta truck accident lawyer can provide assistance in determining if a truck driver can be held responsible for a collision as a result of negligence. Contact an attorney following a crash so your lawyer can begin an investigation and gather proof to help you make a successful truck crash claim.

Using Big Weather Data to Prevent Atlanta Truck Crashes

According to Fleet Owner, trucking companies lose around 32.6 billion vehicle hours each year as a result of weather-related congestion in 281 metropolitan areas within the United States. Close to 12 percent of the total time wasted due to truck delays is attributed to bad weather in just 20 cities where the volume of truck traffic is greatest. All of this missed time comes at a big cost. Trucking companies lose between $2.2 billion and $3.5 billion each year on delays due to weather.

While delays may be annoying, accidents caused by bad weather are dangerous and costly. Serious injury or death could result if a trucker causes a collision because he is trying to drive through adverse weather conditions. Trucking companies, which are required to have $750,000 or more in minimum liability coverage, are often the target of lawsuits by victims of bad weather accidents.

Better weather data could help to avoid these problems. Fleet Owner reports that companies like AccuWeather have begun to put together packages to allow trucking companies to tap into monthly broadcast systems that provide detailed weather information. These packages provide an average of 24.6 minutes of warning when a sudden bad weather incident arises. The false alarm rate is just 11 percent with the package being offered. There are certain fleets, including one trucking company which earned Fleet Owner’s 2015 fleet of the year award, which have already begun to use this big weather data.

The advanced warning can allow truckers to either stop or reroute before driving into a flood, snow storm, or other dangerous weather event. Truckers can avoid wasting time, and fewer accidents will occur when these truckers stay out of dangerous areas.

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