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Teens Should Exercise Extra Caution During Summer Months

According to the AAA Foundation for Safety, the summer months comprise what they call the “100 Deadliest Days for Teen Drivers.”

Any time a teen dies in a car accident, it is a tragedy. So what causes teen fatalities to rise as temperatures do?

Common sense tells us that when school is out, teens are about. Summer parties, summer jobs, sports and all sorts of recreational activities put teen drivers on the road day and night, often by the carload. Having friends in the car can be distracting, particularly for an inexperienced driver.

Teen car accidents also are caused by texting while driving and dialing or talking on the phone. Eating in the car, reaching for a fallen phone or a purse in the back seat, and even changing the radio station can create distractions that can cause accidents.

It doesn’t take much for an inexperienced driver who is distracted to drift out of his or her lane or lose control of the vehicle.

Laws in some states prohibit teens from using cell phones while driving, but without parental enforcement, few teens heed that law.

Keep your kids safe this summer by reminding them that phone calls, texting and eating while driving can be as deadly as drinking and driving. Remind them that when they are behind the wheel, they need to stay focused on the road. Teach them to be good passengers too. Their lives may depend on it.

If your teen does have an accident and there are injuries involved, contact Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer David Van Sant, who can help you navigate the insurance claims process.

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