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Safe Driving is the Key to An Accident Free Summer

At Van Sant Law, we work with lots of accident victims — people just like you and I who were sometimes viciously injured in an automobile or truck accident. The word accident certainly implies “not anyone’s fault,” but the reality is that most car accidents are the result of mistakes made on the road. To keep yourself safe as you drive this summer, you need to be on the look out for mistakes other drivers may make that could cause you harm. For example:

It’s pretty easy to tell when someone is texting and driving. You see the person staring down instead of ahead. He or she may have slowed to a lesser pace and could be veering to one side of the lane or another. If you see someone exhibiting this behavior, steer clear. Distracted driving causes more accidents than alcohol. It’s become an epidemic cause of accidents, so watch for behavior that indicates someone is distracted with a cell phone, navigation system or other device.

Speeding Is Especially Dangerous During Rain

Speeding can cause accidents, particularly when the roads are wet. If it is raining or has been raining, it’s wise to slow to a speed that makes it safe to proceed. When a vehicle flies by you going too fast, chances are something is going to happen. Whether a speeding vehicle hydroplanes and loses control, or the driver simply causes other vehicles to brake as it careens through traffic , you can anticipate the need to slow down when someone is driving erratically. Be prepared, and after you let him or her pass, stay back and be alert to brake lights ahead.

Heavy traffic can mean frequent stops. When summer visitors flock to Georgia, our highways and city streets become more crowded. We love the boon to our economy, but it also can create a burden in traffic volume and slow-downs. Recognize when you are in a tourist area, and be prepared during the summer months for traffic snarls. Be particularly cognizant when you’re near a lake, theme park, shopping mall, zoo, golf course or other popular location. Traffic slow downs should be expected. Be prepared, and avoid an accident.

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Summer is a great time to be in Georgia. Drive safe on the roads this summer, and if you are in an accident and are injured, don’t take it lying down. Contact Van Sant Law, and speak to a qualified personal injury attorney who can help you work your way through the insurance and medical paperwork and get you what you deserve. Contact David Van Sant today.

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