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Is Your Job One of the Riskiest in America?

Each and every worker in the United States deserves a safe place to work. Unfortunately, thousands of workers are hurt or killed annually while they are performing their employment duties. A worker could be hurt no matter what his profession is, but there are certain people who face a far greater risk of getting hurt or killed at work than others. Recently, Business Insider made a list of the 10 most dangerous jobs in American. If your profession is on the list, you should be aware you are in a higher-risk industry and should seek appropriate help if your employer is not following safety rules and regulations. Atlanta dangerous jobs Van Sant Law

Workers hurt on-the-job also have legal rights, regardless of whether or not an employer followed safety rules. If you are harmed because of job duties or if your loved one dies while performing work tasks, you should work with an experienced Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer to obtain financial benefits including disability income and the payment of medical expenditures.

What are the Riskiest Jobs for Atlanta Workers?

According to Business Insider, the jobs with the highest risks of workplace injuries and workplace fatalities include:

Construction work

A construction worker could fall down from a high elevation, or could fall on the same level. Faulty wiring, falling objects, and injuries related to equipment and machinery are all big concerns for people in the construction profession.


If you work as a corrections officer in a jail or prison, the big risk you face is the possible threat of violence.

First responders

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) are exposed to a lot of dangerous situations when responding to emergency calls. Acts of violence are among the top causes of injury and death for first responders.


Farmers face significant risk of injury or death on-the-job as a result of malfunctioning machinery or equipment.


Burn injuries and smoke inhalation are clearly the two primary reasons why fighting fires is such a high risk job to do.

Nurses assistant

One big concern for nurses assistants is overexertion injuries from moving patients. There is also the threat of exposure to viruses and bacteria and the risk of violent acts perpetrated by patients.

Police officer

A law enforcement officer is constantly at risk of falling victim to violent acts when responding to emergency calls. Automobile accidents are also a concern for people in law enforcement.

Taxi driver

Motor vehicle collisions and acts of violence threaten the safety of taxi drivers.

Truck driver

Truckers face the same risks as taxi drivers, with the added dangers of illness due to exposure to toxic items being transported or due to injury when loading and unloading cargo.


Animals can be dangerous when they kick or bite a veterinarian who is providing care.

Whether you are one of the employees with a high risk job, or whether you work in a relatively safe industry, you still face dangers in your workplace that could affect your life forever. When an injury or illness happens and you believe it was caused by work, you should talk with an experienced attorney so you can get help pursuing a workers’ comp claim.

Have You Been Injured On The Job?

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