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Johns Creek, Georgia Auto Accident Attorneys – Defective Vehicle Components

One of the most serious forms of product liability we handle as auto accident and wrongful death attorneys are those cases involving motor vehicle defects. These cases involve either unsafe auto equipment or defects with the vehicles themselves which render them hazardous since they do not provide the protection to their occupants that they are supposed to.

Car, Truck and Motorcycle Accidents Caused by Defective Motor Vehicles or Equipment

Although it is generally rare that a defective piece of auto equipment could cause a wreck, these situations do occur. Common examples generally involve issues of brake failure or tire blowouts. However, Toyota was forced to announce a mass recall of several of their models due to a floor mat which caused the accelerator to become stuck. This is a classic example of a motor vehicle defect which could be considered responsible for causing a car accident.

In these situations, there are a number of parties which could theoretically be responsible. In addition to the auto manufacturer, there is also the dealership where the car, truck or motorcycle was purchased. In certain cases, manufacturers of individual components or mechanics who have worked on the vehicle may also be liable in the eyes of the law. A common example might be if a tire blew out on a busy highway, causing the driver to lose control. The tire manufacturer could be liable, as could the mechanic who installed it €“ depending on the findings of an investigation into the accident.


Injuries Which Would Have Been Prevented if Equipment Had Not Malfunctioned

Far more common is a vehicle safety issue where safety components within a vehicle failed to work as they were supposed to. For example; if an SUV is hit broadside in an intersection collision there are a number of safety features built into the car which should protect the driver and any passengers. What if the seat belt restraints failed? What if the airbags did not deploy correctly? What if the vehicle rolled over and the roof crushed inwards? Every one of these potential issues would likely result in extremely severe and possibly even fatal injuries.

In these situations, the injured parties and/or their family members have a legal right to pursue a personal injury or wrongful death claim against the car's manufacturer because the injuries would not have occurred if the safety equipment functioned as it was supposed to.


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