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Defective Products in Atlanta Put Children at Risk

In 2015, there were 68 different products which were sold for use by children and which subsequently had to be recalled after being released. The Sun Times reports this is a relatively low number of product recalls, and that recall rates are down because of improved regulations and better safety efforts. While this may be fewer recalled products than in the past, the 68 products which were recalled still represented 5.5 million products which were unsafe and which were sold for children to use. atlanta defective toy lawyer Van Sant Law

When a product is dangerous, hopefully it is taken off the shelves before anyone gets sick or injured. Unfortunately, this often does not happen. In fact, many recalled products marketed for both children and adults are still in use to this day despite the dangers.

Victims who are hurt by a product which is dangerous and which has been subject to a recall should consult with an Atlanta product liability lawyer for help pursuing a damage claim.

Atlanta Defective Products Put Children at Risk

The 68 recalled products in 2015 represent the lowest number of recalled products since 2001. Unfortunately, while recall rates are down, children are still significantly at risk because very few recalled products end up being repaired or returned.

One review of recalled children’s products which took place in 2014 discovered that just one percent of products which are purchased by consumers ever end up being either returned or fixed when they are recalled. Of each product which is recalled, an average of eight percent of total units of the product are successfully taken out of use. The remaining 92 percent of the units of the dangerous product remain in the hands of children.

An executive from the nonprofit Kids in Danger, which tracks the recalls of children’s products, commented: “Despite better records at the Consumer Product Safety Commission and additional efforts by manufacturers, we still are seeing a dangerous gap between announcing a recall and actually repairing or removing the product from use.

This is an especially big problem because recall efforts are not initiated without substantial proof of problems. In general, an average of 12 consumer reports are filed disclosing problems with a product before the recall of the product is initiated and disclosed. As the Kids in Danger executive warns “sometimes it takes too many incidents and a number of deaths before products are recalled.

Parents need to try everything they can to find out about recalls so they can stop their kids from playing with dangerous toys. Visiting could help parents to find out if there are problems with the toys their kids are playing with and the other items (like car seats and high chairs) their kids are using.

If children are hurt because of a problem with a product, parents also need to understand their legal options for pursing a claim against the product manufacturer, distributor, and others responsible for releasing and selling the dangerous product in the marketplace.

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