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It’s back to school time, and as personal injury attorneys in Atlanta, we know that means an increase in car accidents.

That makes back to school time the perfect time to refresh our memories about safe driving habits.that can help you avoid an accident.

Traditionally, the weeks surrounding back to school involve more fender benders than most weeks of the summer combined. Here are a few Back to School Driving Reminders:

If you’ve had an accident, your insurance company may be asking you to sign a medical release form. This form allows them to have access to all your medical records. Before you sign anything, you should consult with an attorney.

Although we’d all like to think that insurance companies are there to help us in times of need, excessive fraud has forced insurance cmpanies to be diligent in their investigations of all claims. The sad truth about insurance companies is that their goal is to not pay your bills. If you sign a medical release form for your insurance company, the insurance adjusters will gather all your records and scrutinize everything from the physician’s notes to whether or not you have missed any appointments.

If you have been injured in an accident and are dealing with an insurance company, contact David Van Sant. He’s an attorney who specializes in helping people receive the compensation they need and the insurance benefits they deserve.

According to the AAA Foundation for Safety, the summer months comprise what they call the “100 Deadliest Days for Teen Drivers.”

Any time a teen dies in a car accident, it is a tragedy. So what causes teen fatalities to rise as temperatures do?

Common sense tells us that when school is out, teens are about. Summer parties, summer jobs, sports and all sorts of recreational activities put teen drivers on the road day and night, often by the carload. Having friends in the car can be distracting, particularly for an inexperienced driver.

Their innocence and angelic faces don’t make children less likely to sustain an injury in a car accident. So, if you decide to take Junior with you, here are some safety tips for driving with children:

Georgia Law For Driving With Children

  • Children 6 and under absolutely must be secured in either a car seat or booster seat that is appropriate and approved for their specific height and weight.

When you’ve been in an accident, undoubtedly you will be worked up.  Judgment calls will be made or lost in a blink of an eye.  Your brain may be thinking accident, injury, and then finally settle on financial compensation and insurance.  So, let’s talk about that last one for just a minute.

If you make a claim for insurance, at some point you will probably get a call from someone calling themselves an “insurance adjuster.”  Their job is to investigate the reported claim through interviews of the claimant, witnesses, as well as reviews of the police report and hospital records.  The only one you have any real control over is the last one.

The reality is that if you’re making an insurance claim regarding a personal injury, you won’t blink twice at the thought of them seeing proof.  Okay, but what about the rest of your health records?

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