5 Ways to Help Your Workers Compensation Case in Atlanta, Georgia

Below are certain things that you can do to increase the success of your worker’s compensation case:
1. Report the injury.
If you don’t report your injury while at work, it allows insurance companies to question whether the injury occurred there€“or if the injury even happened at all. It also gives them an opportunity to delay your workers compensation benefits and medical treatment while they investigate the claim. If you get hurt at work, tell a supervisor. If your company has an incident or accident report, fill it out, give it to the proper individual and make sure to keep a copy.
2. Don’t rely on your employer to take care of you.
Workers compensation is about protecting your future ability to earn a living for your family and get the medical treatment you need for your injuries. Even well meaning employers don’t know the small details of workers compensation laws. Those employers can ruin your workers compensation case by giving you incorrect advice or by not filing the proper forms on your behalf.
3. Tell your doctor you got hurt on the job.
Many people go to the emergency room and tell the doctor “I hurt my backor “I fell and hurt my knee.This helps the doctor diagnose your injuries, but does help your workers compensation claim. If your injury happened at work, say so. Tell the doctor, nurse or anyone taking a history EXACTLY what happened and be very specific. When insurance companies get medical reports that don’t indicate that you told the doctor you got hurt at work, they will delay (or in some cases deny) your claim.
4. Don’t go to your employer’s suggested doctor.
If you’ve gotten hurt on the job and you reported it to your supervisor, you’ve done the right thing. But, if your employer says, “we have a company doctor (or a worker’s compensation doctor, or a worker’s clinic) and you have to go see that doctor,DON’T DO IT. Every injured worker is entitled to proper medical care from an appropriate specialist. In Georgia, you have the right to be treated by at least two physicians from the employer’s posted panel of approved doctors. This information should be located in the break room. You can also request it from your supervisor or Human Resources Department.
5. File forms with the Georgia State Board of Workers Compensation.
If you gotten hurt on the job, you’ve reported it to your supervisor and you’ve chosen a doctor that you’re comfortable with, you’re on the right track. But you still need to file your claim with the State Board of Workers Compensation within a specified time frame in order to protect your legal rights. A qualified worker’s compensation attorney can ensure that you file the correct forms within the correct time frame so that your worker’s compensation claim is not delayed or€“even worse€“denied.
The qualified Worker’s Compensation Attorneys at Van Sant Law, LLC are familiar with all of the forms necessary to defend your worker’s compensation claim.

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