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A Better Economy Means More Atlanta Work Injuries and Fatalities

It is a natural assumption to believe economic growth is good for the lives of workers. After all, if the economy is good, workers are usually earning more money. Workers typically have more job flexibility and the option to find work they like in situations when the economy is good. Workers who get paid more during a booming economy can also enjoy life by buying more goods or taking more vacations. atlanta work accident

Unfortunately, it is not all good news when there is economic growth. In fact, according to Safety News Alert, death rates can substantially rise due to workplace illness and injury if there is lots of economic growth going on.

If you or someone you love is hurt due to workplace illness or injury, you should understand what options you have available to you under the law. An Atlanta work injury attorney at Van Sant Law, LLC can provide guidance on what your options are for pursuing a case for compensation for occupational injuries that occur due to a booming economy.

How Improving Economic Conditions Put Atlanta Workers At Risk

Researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles decided to take a close look at how improving economic conditions could impact the health of people within a society experiencing the economic growth. Researchers reviewed more than 200 years of data and collected information from 32 different countries.

On the basis of this extensive research, the researchers warned that when economic output is higher than expected, deaths among adults are more likely to occur. In particular, the chances of a death are one percent higher if the gross national product of an industrial country is five percent higher than expected.

Workers are the ones who bear the brunt of the increased risk of accidents and fatalities when an economic boom occurs within an industrialized nation. There are myriad reasons why workers are more likely to get sick or hurt if the economy is doing much better.

One reason why there are more worker illnesses in good economic times is because added production could result in more toxins being produced to make workers sick. Pollution is described by researchers as the major cause of higher death rates. Pollution results in both illnesses and fatalities, and workers are often on the front lines of exposure. Any worker who gets sick at work and who can trace his illness to his job should be able to pursue a claim for workers’ comp coverage. If the worker dies due to exposure at work, surviving family members can obtain workers’ compensation death benefits.

Occupational injury increases are another reason for improving economic conditions to result in a lesser risk of injury or death. When the economy is better, more people go to work and the chances of a fatal work accident increase as a result.

An attorney can provide help after both workplace injuries and workplace illnesses cause harm to employees and their families.

The Atlanta workplace accident lawyers at Van Sant Law, LLC can represent employees or their families after a workplace injury or death. Call today at 404-991-5950 or contact us online to schedule your free consultation.

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