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Tips to Avoid an Accident with Drunk Drivers

According to the 2011 Georgia Crash Analysis Statistics and Information Report (CASI), one quarter of all roadway fatalities in the state are alcohol related. The fight against drunk drivers does not rest solely in the hands of the authorities, though. Reporting a suspected impaired driver is considered an emergency and is classified as an appropriate use of 911 services.

In Georgia, the CASI reported that the most likely vehicle for an impaired driver to operate is a truck. Perhaps the most common behavioral red flag in identifying an impaired driver is raised when a vehicle weaves back and forth across the road way, but there are many other indicators that could signify an impaired driver.

Signs of Drunk Driving

If you see a driver going ten miles or more per hour below the speed limit, erratic breaking, or sitting with his or her face closer than normal to the windshield, the driver may be impaired or drunk.

If you are driving and suspect that a motorist with whom you’re sharing the road is operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, the most important thing to do is maintain a safe distance from them.

If you’re driving with a passenger and have a mobile phone, have your passenger dial 911 and tell the dispatcher that you are calling to report a suspected drunk driver. Make note of your location and provide a description of the vehicle, preferably including make, model and license plate number. If you’re driving alone, consider pulling over to make your call.

It’s also very important to remember never to signal a driver you suspect is impaired to stop or attempt to detain or confront them yourself, and never try to pass a suspected drunk driver.

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