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The Georgia State Fair is On: Tips for a Stress-free Day at the Fair

The Georgia State Fair is opening today in Macon, If you’re looking for something interesting and fun to do, try to get out there between now and May 7 to take advantage of all the exhibits, rides, music, entertainment and activities. Here are a few tips for having the best time possible at the Georgia State Fair:

If you’ll be taking your children to the fair, you may want to take a few minutes before you arrive to explain to them the importance of sticking together. A buddy system is particularly helpful in crowds. Pair adults with the smallest children, and put older kids together in pairs to help ensure that everyone has a buddy and knows they are responsible for staying together. Also discuss what to do in the unlikely event they get lost.

When you arrive at the fair, be sure you lock any valuables that have been brought along on the trip up in your trunk. Be sure to lock your car and stow away visible items like GPS navigation systems, electronics, or purses.

Take plenty of breaks and make sure that the activities you choose are appropriate for everyone in your group. If younger children are afraid of certain rides, don’t force the issue. If an elderly relative needs to rest, find some shade and take a break.

Days at the fair can be long, so break them up with snack breaks, or find a nice place to sit and watch the people. If it’s really hot, be sure you’re getting inside enough and are drinking enough water to avoid dehydration.

We care about our clients at the Law Offices of David Van Sant, and we want to make sure our clients enjoy the Georgia State Fair with as little stress as possible. Have fun at the fair!


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