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Jupiter, FL Police Officer Killed Sunday in Presidential Motorcade

A 20-year veteran of the Jupiter, Florida, police department was killed on Sunday when the motorcycle he was driving as part of the motorcade escorting President Obama to an event in Palm Beach was strike by a woman who was entering the I-95 Interstate. Drugs and alcohol were not involved in the crash.

This is not the first time a police officer on a motorcycle has been killed while escorting the president. Last year a motorcade in Dallas experienced a similar accident, and a Dallas-area motorcycle cop was killed.

When things like this happen, officials must look beyond the sadness to determine if such an accident could be prevented. Since police in Florida do not have lots of experience with presidential motorcades, it is necessary for the departments to evaluate how they operate during these types of special events.

According to news reports, the officer who was killed was “leap frogging,” a technique used to maintain distances between other vehicles on the road and the presidential motorcade. The driver who hit the officer was merging onto the highway, and witnesses say the officer pulled in front of her. No charges have been filed, as the accident is currently under investigation.

The family of the officer is dealing with intense grief, and a personal injury attorney can offer great comfort by handling many of the details of dealing with insurance companies, the driver’s attorney, and the police. When you are in an accident or a loved one is in a car or motorcycle accident, you need the services of a competent attorney.

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