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Work-related Injuries Caused by Poor Supervision

Atlanta Construction WorkerEvery day, thousands of people are injured in the workplace. Many of these are true accidents. People slip and fall, equipment malfunctions, and unexpected things happen. However, when these injuries occur at work for any reason, victims are given fair workers’ compensation by law.

Sometimes, however, these injuries are caused by negligence. These terrible injuries sometimes cost more than a typical no-fault workers’ compensation claim, and since it is caused by another person’s (or company’s) negligence, more benefits may be deserved.

The least tolerable types of workplace accidents relate to negligence by a supervisor. A key role of a supervisor is to keep employees safe and to make sure everything is running smoothly. Not only does poor supervision mean that accidents are more likely, but also that accidents may be more widespread and affect more employees.

A Supervisor’s Responsibility to Prevent Injuries in the Workplace

Every employer has a responsibility for the general safety of its workers. Workplaces must have proper safety features and the work environment must be as risk-free as possible. Safety procedures must be automatic and effective. All of these factors should be regularly monitored by the supervisor.

There are many ways that supervisors can prevent injuries and ensure the safety of employees. Management must maintain a work environment where employees can safely perform their day-to-day tasks. They must provide proper equipment and take appropriate protective measures when doing any job that carries a normal risk. Rules must be in place that encourage safe practices, but more importantly, supervisors must create a workplace environment that fosters following these rules.

Managers are responsible for training all employees in their roles and ensuring that they all receive the instruction necessary to do their assigned duties. Throughout the workday, supervisors can never slack in safety duties, because they are specifically entrusted with not simply pushing efficiency on employees, but also security.

When a supervisor is negligent in his or her responsibilities, the employees can suffer dangerous or even deadly work-related injuries. As a result, it is important to make sure supervisors are aware of their duty of care. Since supervisors are paid more for their position within the company, it is expected that they live up to these expectations.

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If a supervisor breaches the duty of care, employees have the right to sue either the company as a whole or the supervisor specifically to recover compensation for injuries. In order to determine if you may have a case, it is imperative to talk to an experienced personal injury lawyer. Contact us by calling or filling out our online contact form.

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