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Dancing Away Stress and Memory Loss

A new study in the New England Journal of Medicine has concluded that frequent dancing is not only a good stress reducer, but also an activity that might just ward off dementia.

So why would a law firm make note of this study in its blog?

At our firm, we deal with clients involved in stressful situations, and we’re always looking for simple advice that we can provide to them to help them feel better and reduce their stress. For that reason alone, we found this study very useful.

For decades, dancing has been praised for its health benefits, but primarily as a form of exercise and physical fitness. With this new study, there seems to be evidence that frequent dancing offers other benefits as well.

During a study that lasted 21 years, individuals age 75 and older were monitored for their recreational activities and their supposed impact on their mental sharpness. Of every activity studied, from golf to swimming to crossword puzzles and reading, the only physical activity that had any impact on mental alertness was frequent dancing.

In fact, seniors who danced were 76 percent less likely to develop dementia, while physical activities like golf and swimming did nothing to reduce the potential for dementia.

So if you’re looking for a way to reduce your stress, get out and dance! The long-term benefits could be more far reaching than you think.

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