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Car-Truck Accident: A True Story

There’s nothing worse than to hear of victims who have been left holding the bill for repairs to their auto or medical expenses after having an accident with a delivery truck.

One recent example involved a senior citizen who was following a delivery truck out of her neighborhood. The driver most likely was looking for an address, and was not paying attention to the traffic moving behind him. After stopping in the middle of a residential street, the driver began to back up. He did not see the Cadillac sitting behind his truck, and as he backed up, the elderly woman driver began honking her horn.

Before the driver could stop, he had backed over the front end of the woman’s car. He quickly pulled forward, ripping a large hole in her hood, got out of the truck to see what happened, and began berating the woman for following too close.

A Back-Over Truck Accident Occurred

No damage had been done to the truck, and the truck driver sternly asked the woman for her license and insurance information. She graciously complied, still shaken from the experience. The driver explained that he was busy with deliveries and that he didn’t have time to slow down to complete the required paperwork for the accident. He told her he would contact her later that day, and he drove off.

The woman returned home with her damaged Cadillac and waited for a call from the driver. The longer she waited, the more her blood pressure rose, eventually requiring medical treatment, including transportation to the hospital by ambulance.

Fortunately, the woman’s health concerns were minor, but additionally, the driver never called. Even though the woman knew the name of the furniture store, which had been printed on the back of the truck, she was surprised to find out that the driver never reported the accident to his superiors. In fact, all the drivers working for the company denied having an accident that day.

Needless to say, the woman was very upset. When she contacted her son, he immediately contacted the in Alpharetta, Georgia.

There are two morals to this story: 1) If you or your property are injured in an accident with a big truck, contact the police immediately, and 2) If you are injured and require medical treatment, seek treatment first, then contact a personal injury attorney.

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