Usher’s Son OK After Pool Mishap in Atlanta

In Atlanta, celebrity singer Usher recently experienced a scare when his son almost drowned in a swimming pool. The child was at Usher’s home when the accident occurred. The five-year-old boy, Usher Raymond V, fell to the bottom of the large swimming pool and was stuck in the drain on Monday afternoon. The child may have died at the bottom of the pool if it wasn’t for the help of a housekeeper and a contractor. A maid at the home tried to pry the child from the drain, and then called a contractor doing remodeling at the home to help. This man was able to pull the boy from the pool and performed immediate CPR.
The child is recovering, but his mother, Usher’s ex-wife, believes that the incident is evidence that Usher should not have custody of the child. The mother has filed an emergency custody hearing. In addition to lawsuits, ex-spouses have the ability to file for emergency custody when their child is endangered at the other parent’s home. If your child has suffered a poolside accident, and you believe that a caretaker is responsible, then you need to talk to a lawyer right away for more information.
A pool mishap can result in serious injury, brain damage, or even death. Usher’s son was completely unsupervised when he fell in the pool. Adults are required to supervise young children whenever they are near pools and other water sources. Many children drown in pool accidents every single year. In fact, Pool Safely says that drain entrapments are relatively common and can cause serious injuries.
Between 1999 and 2009 the CPSC reported 94 drain entrapment incidents, which resulted in 12 fatalities and 79 injuries. Drain entrapments happen when the body is held against a pool or spa drain by the force of the pool’s suction. A body part can be held by the intensity of the suction, or long hair is often caught in a drain cover. Also, a child’s small limbs can get caught in a drain, or bathing suits or jewelry can become stuck in a drain cover.

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