The Danger of a Garbage Disposal

Chances are that whether you own a home, live in an apartment, or are currently staying in a condominium, there is a garbage disposal installed in your sink. This is to help break down bulky food that may clog the sink drain as you try to rinse plates from dinner or dispose of food items from the last meal. While garbage disposals can be helpful tools, they are not always safe. In fact, there are a lot of dangers associated with these choppers in your sink drain.
One of the main dangers with a garbage disposal is that of an electric shock. The appliance is designed to operate in the presence of running water, but uses electricity to function. As well, the garbage disposal produces some sort of vibration when it works. Over time, the combination of these tree factors can cause the electrical connections to wear out, and this can increase the risk of an electrical shock. Because people are normally washing metal items such as utensils in the sink, this even enhances the danger of this sort of shock.
The rise of shock always increasers when the motor starts to burn out, so it is important that you get your garbage disposal inspected on an annual basis. If you are renting an apartment or are currently staying in a rental on vacation or business, then you have the right to assume that the garbage disposal has been inspected. If you receive an electric shock in one of these places where you are paying to stay, then you have the right to seek compensation, especially if you were severely injured or burned from the shock. The garbage disposal can also administer an electrical shock when someone is replacing or installing the disposal. It is important that you never try to fix your disposal when your hands are wet as this also increases your changes of an injury.
Another danger associated with garbage disposals is the issue of septic problems and subsequent bacteria. Garbage disposals increase the amount of organic waste that people flush into their septic systems and sometimes these systems can get overloaded when there is too much matter going inside. When this happens, the water that is in the septic system may start leaking out of the pipes. Sometimes it will bubble up onto lawns or it will clog plumbing inside the home. As a result, the septic water starts to seep into the ground, adding dangerous bacteria to the ground water table. This can create illness and be extremely unsanitary. If you are going to put food down your garbage disposal, it is essential that you check your septic tank regularly to make sure that everything is working properly. If it is not working properly, then you need to get the tank repaired by a professional as soon as possible.
Another chief danger with garbage disposals is the possibility of a laceration. In most hotels, rental homes, and other places with garbage disposals, it is essential that there is a sign which warns people that they should not put their hand down the disposal at any time. Even when the disposal is not on, the sharp blades can cause lacerations that can be very painful and require emergency medical care. Children should never be allowed to play in the sink with a garbage disposal as they may be tempted to place their hand down the drain without realizing that this is dangerous. If you want any more information about garbage disposal dangers or believe you may have a legitimate garbage disposal lawsuit case, then contact an Atlanta personal injury attorney today for more information!

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