Protect Yourself on a Motorcycle with Protective Gear

Motorcycle enthusiasts often find it ironic that states will mandate the wearing of a helmet, but they don’t do anything about requiring other types of protective gear. When it comes to motorcycle safety, sometimes the gear you are wearing makes all the difference.

Motorcycle Helmet Options

A top quality helmet is one of the smartest forms of protection. There are 3 main styles: flip-face, open-face and full-face. An open-face helmet will protect everything but the face. Full-face helmets protect the skull, plus providing protection for the lower jaw as well as the face itself. Full-face helmets offer much more protection than open-face helmets.
Several manufacturers have introduced full-face helmets with a flip-up front, combining the protection of a full-face with the ease of communication and donning / doffing that an open-face gives.
Studies have consistently shown that wearing a helmet reduces injury and increases a rider’s chance of surviving a crash. Most helmets will not contribute to neck injuries, and most are designed so that they do not impair vision or hearing.

Materials For Motorcycle Jackets

Beyond a well-made helmet, a jacket made of leather or kevlar is important. This will protect your upper body from road rash if you have to lay the bike down. A jacket made for motorcycle riding will have padding on the elbows, along the spine, and across the shoulders. No jacket is going to keep you safe if you spin out of control going 80, but if you happen to tip over at an intersection or otherwise dump the bike, a jacket with protective padding will be appreciated.
Boots for riding are best if they have reinforced toes and additional thickness around the ankles. Don’t ride a bike in tennis shoes. Don’t wear boots with high heels. You need a good rubber sole that will grab the pavement at stops and stay on the pedals while your driving.

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