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Facial injuries are painful, costly to treat, and very visible. If you suffer a facial injury, the Atlanta, Georgia accident attorneys at Van Sant Law, LLC can help you to obtain compensation from the person responsible. Give us a call or get in touch with us online to schedule a free consultation and learn more.

Types of Accidents Resulting in Facial Injuries

Your face is perhaps the most visible part of your body, so an injury to the face can be devastating. Unfortunately, facial injuries occur often, usually as a result of a blow to the face, exposure to something sharp, or chemical or other burns. While many different types of accidents can result in damage to your face, some of the most common reasons for facial injuries include:

Knowing how to respond in the aftermath of an auto accident is important. In addition to knowing what you should do when a crash happens, you also want to make certain that you avoid certain mistakes which could jeopardize your ability to pursue a claim for compensation. Atlanta car accident Van Sant Law

Hiring an Atlanta car accident lawyer can be your best option following a collision so you can make sure you avoid the types of errors that could affect your ability to pursue a claim for damages.

The sooner you get legal help, the sooner you will have an advocate looking out for you and fighting to protect you from facing uncompensated crash losses.

Atlanta drivers, like most drivers throughout the United States, respond to road and environmental conditions when deciding how fast to go. Although speed limits serve as a guide (and are legally enforced), drivers will typically go slower than the posted limit during poor conditions and will exceed the speed limit and drive at a speed that feels safe when road conditions are more optimal. An Atlanta car accident lawyer knows that if a driver is operating his vehicle in an unsafe way and going too fast for the road he is on, those who are harmed as a result can pursue a claim for compensation. welsh-country-lane-1444598-m

One of the factors that impacts how fast a driver will go is how wide the roads are. Road widths need to be designed with a variety of different safety criteria in mind, but some recent evidence from Streets Blog suggests roads are being designed to be too wide based on faulty and outdated research. These wide streets lead to excess speeds that increase collision risk and put all motorists, especially pedestrians, in danger.

Wide Streets Endanger Atlanta Motorists and Increase Collision Risks

The prevention of pedestrian collisions has become a top priority as data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration continually shows an increase in the number of walkers killed in accidents. Even as other types of crash deaths decline, pedestrians are dying in ever-larger numbers with increases in the death toll almost every year. NHTSA data from 2012, for example, showed a six percent increase in pedestrian fatalities from the prior year and there were more pedestrians killed over the course of that year than in the five years before. walking-away-1418812-m

There are many factors explaining why pedestrians are becoming more likely to die in accidents even as drivers are less likely to be killed. One issue is that infrastructure is still generally designed to accommodate vehicles rather than to prioritize pedestrian safety. Driver negligence is also another big factor leading to pedestrian deaths, especially when drivers operate their vehicles in a manner unsafe for the conditions of the road.

After a collision, an Atlanta pedestrian accident lawyer can provide assistance to victims in determining if road design was the crash cause or if driver carelessness was to blame. Determining who was responsible is essential for recovery of compensation for collision losses.

Three in ten Americans will be involved in an alcohol related car accident at some point in their lives. Over 40,000 people in the United States die each year from alcohol related car accidents and mishaps. Alcohol was a factor in 31 percent of car accidents in 2010. And of alcohol-related deaths, a full six percent of victims are under 21 years old. In car-related deaths for people 16 to 20, one-third are alcohol related.

Georgia Is Not Immune From DUI Accidents

Our Atlanta DUI accident lawyers appreciate that our area is not immune from these accidents. For example, this week in Douglas County, a young man was convicted for his role in a fatal car accident in February 2011 that took the life of a 16 year old girl, Cheyenne Sauls. Twenty two year old Dustin Willis bought beer for her and their friends that night. Foolishly the teenagers got behind the wheel after drinking. The driver, Jason Lark, lost control of the car and crashed, throwing Miss Sauls out of the SUV. After the crash, Mr. Willis fled the scene. Mr. Lark pled guilty last year. Mr. Willis was only a passenger in the crashed car, but was still charged with homicide in the first degree and serious injury by vehicle. Yesterday the judge sentenced him to 15 years, nine of which will be behind bars, after his attorney reached a plea agreement for the young man. Mr. Willis wept in front of the judge and apologized to the victim’s family, but none of that will undo what a night of stupidity has cost.

Internal injuries can cause serious complications including death. If you or a loved one suffered internal injuries as a result of an accident, an Atlanta, Georgia Accident Attorney at Van Sant Law, LLC can help you to make a claim for compensation. Give us a call or contact us online to learn how we can help you with your claim.

Internal Injuries From Accidents

Any time your body sustains a trauma or an impact, your internal body systems can absorb the force and you can suffer serious injury. Unfortunately, internal injuries often have no visible outward symptoms so many people are unaware that they have occurred until serious complications develop.

Distracted driving has become one of the most common causes of motor vehicle collisions in the United States, but the state of Georgia is making a serious effort to reduce the risk for local residents. Starting July 1, Georgia will have a strict law in place to prevent motorists from using electronic devices behind the wheel and motorists will face serious consequences for disobeying. Atlanta distracted driving accidents Van Sant Law

Unfortunately, even with laws prohibiting driver distraction, some motorists will make the dangerous choice to use their phones and other electronics anyway.

When drivers choose not to focus on the road, they can and should be held accountable for any and all losses caused by their unsafe choice. An Atlanta distracted driving accident lawyer can help victims to pursue a claim for compensation, so call an attorney today for help.

The population is getting older, and young people are getting their licenses later. Because of these two factors, the average age of people who drive is rising. Older drivers are safer, in some ways, than other motorists. However, there is a substantial risk that older drivers will continue to operate their vehicles past the point where it is safe for them to do so. Older drivers tend to experience physical and mental impairments at some point in the aging process that affect their abilities to be safe drivers. If they do not voluntarily stop on time, they could hurt themselves or others. senior driving accidents

If an accident is caused by a senior driver, victims should consult with an Atlanta auto accident attorney to get help pursuing a claim for compensation. States have some laws aimed at preventing senior driving collisions, but unfortunately these restrictions may not be enough to address the realities of the aging population. The problem is, there are various factors in place that are making it harder for legislatures to make new rules for senior drivers, even though passing stricter regulations could be important to public safety and health.

Senior Driving Accident Risks in Atlanta

Every pedestrian is vulnerable on the road because drivers may not pay enough attention and may be unaware of how to safely share the roads with walkers. When a car strikes a pedestrian, the walker isn’t protected by any safety equipment. As a result, a pedestrian faces a much more significant risk of serious or fatal injuries as compared with people who are involved in car crashes as either drivers or passengers. wheelchair pedestrian accident

While any pedestrian could be hurt, recent research shows that wheelchair users are more likely to be killed in pedestrian auto accidents. When a pedestrian is injured or killed, whether the pedestrian is in a wheelchair or not, it is important to determine whether the driver was negligent or careless and whether the driver’s actions led to the crash occurring.

If the driver was responsible for the accident, an attorney in Atlanta with experience in pedestrian crash cases can help victims to pursue a case for compensation for losses. When the crash is fatal, surviving family members of the deceased pedestrian can also make a case.

Our Atlanta Auto accident attorneys know that child injuries and fatalities are all too common in Georgia car accidents and in accidents across the country. These children are always innocent victims in these tragic accidents, and many of these injuries or fatalities are preventable with proper safety restraints and car seats for children. We cannot guarantee that there won't be negligent and reckless drivers on the road, but Georgians take action to make their own vehicles and families safer.

Properly Restraining Child Passengers

This is the subject of this week's Child Passenger Safety Week in Georgia, when the Governor's Office of Highway Safety will work with local organizations to teach adults how to properly restrain child passengers. Under Georgia law, all children under the age of eight must be restrained in the backseat of a vehicle in either a car seat or a booster seat. Local areas, such as Forsyth County and Bibb County, will be hosting events and free child safety seat inspections this week.

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