1.7 Million Pots and Pans Recalled Due to Burn Hazard

Kitchen fires are a consistent danger that often brings on devastating house fires on a regular basis. Usually, these fires happen because a person will forget to turn off their oven or stove before leaving the house or the room. Yet the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission recently discovered another kitchen burn hazard in the form of Hy Cite Enterprises pots and pans. The thermal wall pots and pans have a burn and fire hazard because the materials are not always fire resistant like pots and pans are supposed to be. According to the CPSC, all consumers should stop using their Royal Prestige 9-Pky Thermal Wall Cookware immediately and return the products for a full refund.
The recall involves about 1.7 million units that have been shipped out all over the United States. According to reports, the cookware can collapse or crimp when placed over head and sometimes it will deform. All of these mistakes cause a burn hazard to the consumer and any nearby property. The company is aware of about 1,136 reports of cookware deforming or collapsing in ways that posed a burn hazard. One consumer called the company and reported that she had been spattered with hot oil when her pot caved inward. This caused burns that needed medical attention.
The pots and pans were not sold in stores, but rather at independent distributors or in door-to-door sales. The individual pots and pans were between $250 and $800 each and the sets were between $800 and $3,500. All pots were manufactured in Italy. The company requests that all consumers send their pots and pans back to the company headquarters where they will repair them free of charge. Any damaged pots and pans will be replaced Wither you have a saucepan, a Dutch oven, a skillet or a paella pan, you should return it to this company before you put yourself in danger because of the defective product.

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