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What it Takes to be a Top 10 Trucking Lawyer

Trucking Trial Lawyers Top 10 is a list of the most superior attorneys who represent victims of trucking accidents. The Top 10 is based on invitation-only; therefore, not just any attorney can join. Instead, the professional organization is limited to the Top 10 attorneys from each state or area that serve families and individuals who need representation in a trucking accident claim.

What it Takes

To be invited into the Top 10, a member of the Trucking Trial Lawyers Association must highlight superior qualifications, excellent leadership among staff, a valued reputation among peers, and must be influential in his or her specialty.

The organization is highly exclusive; at its core, it is about helping lawyers connect with one another and mentor the best. The Top 10 also allows the public to search for attorneys who are the best in their fields, and who offer superior results.

The Trucking Trial Lawyers Association’s Top 10 is a premier invitation-only resource. It is the first and only place where a victim of a trucking accident should search to find an injury attorney. In addition to referring the best personal injury lawyers in the state, the Association also provides resources to accident victims so that they can get answers while they wait for their consultation appointment.

Van Sant Law, is Part of the Top 10

Van Sant Law’s primary attorney, David Van Sant, was invited by the Trucking Trial Lawyers Association to be on their list of the Top 10 for the State of Georgia. It is an honor to be invited into such a prestigious group, and it is important to our accident attorneys that we be part of an association that prides itself on growing, sharing knowledge, and helping victims find the representation they need to succeed in their claim.

To be invited, an attorney must:

  • Have a superior reputation among their peers, the judiciary groups, and the community.
  • The attorney must have achievements in the area of law that his or her practices.
  • The attorney must receive nomination for invitations from leading attorneys, members, and those in the Executive Committee of the Association.
  • The attorney must have a board certification in trucking trial claims and accidents.

Other Nominations Received by David Van Sant

David Van Sant has been working hard to be the best trial lawyer in Georgia, and his hard work proves itself by his nominations in the past. He has been listed in the Top 100 Trial Lawyers in GA, and listed as a Georgia Super Lawyer since 2014.

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