Qualities to Look for in a New Physician

Categories: Medical Lawsuits

new physician

Most people find themselves looking for a new doctor unexpectedly. Perhaps your doctor has retired, you are moving, or you are ill and need medical care right away. Regardless of why you are looking for a doctor, it is important not to rush that decision. You want to make sure the physician you select not…

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How are Wrongful Death Lawsuits Paid Out?

Categories: Wrongful Death

wrongful death

A wrongful death lawsuit is a claim brought against a defendant for causing someone’s death purposely or negligently. Under Georgia law, wrongful death claims are allowed by the estate of the deceased to cover the financial loses from their loved one’s death. The suit can be filed by a personal representative of the estate or…

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Common Treatments Following Dog Bites

Categories: Dog Bites

dog bite

The most significant concern after a dog bite for physicians and victims alike is an infection. A dog’s mouth is far from sanitary, and as with any open wound, there is a high risk for infection. When a dog attacks you or a loved one, regardless if it is the family pet, one treatment you…

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How Much Will I Be Offered for a Slip and Fall Injury?

Categories: Premises Liability

Slip and Fall Injury

After a slip and fall due to a hazardous condition on a person’s private or business property, you might consider a lawsuit to cover your medical costs and lost wages. A lawsuit against the property owner helps you secure compensation, but how much would you receive for your slip and fall? Will the insurance company…

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What Insurance Must Motorcycle Riders Carry in Georgia?

Categories: Insurance

Motorcycle Riders Insurance

You are ready for the open road on just two wheels. You have the gear, the perfect bike, but what about insurance? All states have minimum insurance requirements for motorcycles, and just like vehicles, you can receive a citation if you fail to meet those minimums. Motorcycle insurance is vital in the event of an…

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The List of Possible Defendants in a Trucking Accident Case

Categories: Trucking

truck driver behind the wheel

Experienced Georgia Truck Accident Lawyer When you are injured in a motor vehicle accident with another passenger vehicle, identifying the defendant is easy: it is the driver of the car. When you are injured in an accident with a semi-truck or commercial vehicle, the defendant is not as easily picked out of the crowd. There…

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Truck Company Auto Insurance Policy Limits: How Does This Affect Me?

Categories: Insurance

auto insurance policy

Skilled Trucking Insurance Policy Attorney You do not put much thought into auto insurance policies until you need to file a claim. Then, you start hearing terms like “policy limits,” being thrown about by insurance claims adjusters. When you are in an accident with a semi-truck, the injuries are often more catastrophic, and the damages…

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NTSB Most Wanted List: What Is on It for Trucking Accidents?

Categories: Truck Accidents

truck accident

Knowledgeable Trucking Accident Lawyer Serving Georgia Clients Each year the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) releases their Most Wanted List. The list goes over their top priorities for increasing awareness, reducing accidents, and making changes in legislation that protect anyone traveling in the United States by road, sea, or air. The 2017-2018 Most Wanted List…

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Is Your Landlord Liable for Your Slip and Fall?

Categories: Premises Liability

stepping on toys on stairs

Georgia’s Skilled Slip and Fall Injury Attorney Renting has its perks. One of those being that as the renter, you do not have to worry about maintenance and repairs; instead, that is taken care of by your landlord. When you pay monthly rent, you expect your landlord to take care of the grounds, make repairs…

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