The Hands-Free Georgia Act: A Summary

Categories: Car Accidents

On May 2, 2018, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal signed the Hands-Free Georgia Act, which was designed to make the roads safer by reducing incidents of distracted driving. While there are mixed feelings about the new law, it essentially expands on the existing texting ban by adding hand-held phone use to the list of prohibited activities…

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Tips for Meeting with a Doctor after a Car Accident

Categories: Car Accident

meet with doctor

You have suffered a serious motor vehicle accident. No matter how minor you think the injury is, the first step is to seek medical treatment right away. Not only does this ensure you are not suffering a more serious injury, but it protects you in the event you need to file a car accident claim…

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Can You Receive Workers’ Compensation for Dehydration?

Categories: Workers' Compensation

workers comp dehydration

With summer temperatures in full swing, some workers whose primary work consists of being outside in the heat are taking extra precautions to stay hydrated. However, when the demands of your job are harsh, you may not have adequate breaks to consume the water you need. Dehydration is a serious concern for those working outdoors,…

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Qualities to Look for in a New Physician

Categories: Medical Lawsuits

new physician

Most people find themselves looking for a new doctor unexpectedly. Perhaps your doctor has retired, you are moving, or you are ill and need medical care right away. Regardless of why you are looking for a doctor, it is important not to rush that decision. You want to make sure the physician you select not…

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How are Wrongful Death Lawsuits Paid Out?

Categories: Wrongful Death

wrongful death

A wrongful death lawsuit is a claim brought against a defendant for causing someone’s death purposely or negligently. Under Georgia law, wrongful death claims are allowed by the estate of the deceased to cover the financial loses from their loved one’s death. The suit can be filed by a personal representative of the estate or…

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Common Treatments Following Dog Bites

Categories: Dog Bites

dog bite

The most significant concern after a dog bite for physicians and victims alike is an infection. A dog’s mouth is far from sanitary, and as with any open wound, there is a high risk for infection. When a dog attacks you or a loved one, regardless if it is the family pet, one treatment you…

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