Tips for Using Cruise Control Safely

Categories: Accident Avoidance

truck driver

Experienced Car Accident Lawyer Offers Tips on Safe Cruise Control Use for Georgia Drivers Cruise control was once a luxury feature offered only on high-end vehicles. Today, however, it is a standard feature on most SUVs, sedans, and trucks. While standard in most cars today, many drivers are unaware of how to use cruise control…

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Wearing a Seatbelt Saves Your Life – and Your Injury Claim

Categories: Accident Victims

Atlanta, GA Car Accident Attorny - Van Sant Law, LLC

Personal Injury Lawyer Assists Georgia Drivers with Seatbelt Safety and Injury Claims In the state of Georgia, passengers and drivers are required to wear seatbelts in a vehicle. If you don’t wear your seatbelt and get into an accident, you may wonder how the failure to buckle-up will affect your case. Well, here’s the answer…

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Are Haunted Houses Liable for Injuries?

Categories: Personal Injury

haunted house

Being frightened in a haunted house is all part of the Halloween fun. However, if you are injured in a haunted house, your ability to hold the owner liable for those injuries could be limited. Haunted houses, whether hosted by a commercial organization or local homeowner, are a common fixture on Halloween night. In fact,…

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5 Tips for Staying Safe this Halloween

Categories: Personal Injury


Halloween brings out the spookiest goblins, most delicious caramel apples, and festivities that excite both children and adults alike. While most people look forward to Halloween, it is one dreaded by emergency room physicians and first responders. Sadly, Halloween is one of their busiest times of the year, and most of the accidents and injuries…

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How Do Dump Truck Accidents Differ from Regular Accidents?

Categories: Truck Accidents

dump truck

Dump trucks share the road with passenger vehicles every day. They are there to transport loose material from construction sites, haul away garbage, and dispose of hazardous materials. Due to their sheer size and weight, they pose a significant threat to other vehicles on the road. When an accident occurs with a dump truck, it…

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Lane Changing Liability: Who is at Fault?

Categories: Car Accident

lane changing in rainy traffic

Anyone operating a vehicle in the state of Georgia must follow the proper procedure when changing lanes. Sadly, improper lane change techniques are a common reason for highway and roadway collisions in the state. In many cases, improper lane changes create a presumption that one driver is not maneuvering in the way they intend or…

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Exploring the Dram Shop Laws in Georgia

Categories: DUIs in Georgia

people at wild party

Alcohol is a common cause of the state’s most severe and tragic accidents. When someone is injured because of a drunken driver, they have the right to seek compensation from the at-fault driver, but also the vendor that supplied the alcohol. Most states in the U.S. now have laws that hold social hosts and vendors…

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Van Sant Law Gives Veterans a Chance to Succeed

Categories: Scholarships


After their years of service, many veterans return to home only to realize that they do not have a career path set. After all, the average of a person enlisting in the United States Military is 21, because the maximum age allowed is 35 years. Therefore, a 21-year old is unlikely to have a career…

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Proving Dangerous and Defective Property

Categories: Premises Liability


When accidents are caused by dangerous or defective property, whether inside or on the outside of a building, it falls under premises liability. These accidents might occur in private homes, commercial buildings, or even public property. Premises are dangerous for a variety of reasons. Whether it is a faulty design, poor construction, and building materials,…

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