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Logging Truck Accident Lawyer In Georgia

Van Sant Law Represents Georgia Logging Truck Accident VictimsSharing Georgia roadways with large trucks transporting heavy equipment, building materials, logs, and other heavy cargo can be treacherous for smaller vehicles and their occupants. Unfortunately, logging truck accidents are all-too-common in the Peach State. Van Sant Law provides trusted legal representation to victims injured in Georgia logging truck accidents. If you or a loved one was involved in an accident involving a timber truck, a Van Sant Law logging truck accident lawyer can help you pursue justice and obtain the compensation you deserve.A Leading Personal Injury FirmAs a top personal injury law firm serving the greater Atlanta area, Van Sant Law has helped thousands of accident victims turn the page and rebuild their futures. Our logging truck accident attorneys understand the challenges these types of crashes can pose. We are committed to helping our clients navigate the legal system, and we fight vigorously to help each client obtain the best possible outcome for their case.Understanding Georgia Logging Truck RegulationsLogging trucks operated by businesses serving customers only in the state of Georgia are governed by Georgia Forest Product Trucking Rules, rather than by federal laws. The Georgia-specific trucking rules address vehicle inspections, cargo loading procedures, driver qualifications, vehicle maintenance logs, and more. Unfortunately, truck drivers and trucking companies sometimes fail to comply with these requirements, with catastrophic results.Logging Truck Loads Can Be HazardousIn addition to the dangers posed by inattentive drivers or poorly maintained equipment, logging trucks’ cargo can carry its own risks to other motorists. While other types of cargo is often transported in enclosed containers, logs may extend as much as 20 feet from the back of the trailer. This can obscure taillights, increasing the odds of rear-end collisions. Logging truck operators are supposed to take certain safety measures such as using flashing lights, reflectors, and fluorescent flags when transporting cargo that extends more than 4 feet from the end of the trailer. When these measures are not taken and an accident occurs, logging truck drivers and their companies may bear liability.Routine Truck Maintenance Is Crucial to Safer RoadsAlthough logging trucks operated solely within the state of Georgia are not required to adhere to federal interstate trucking laws, they must still meet minimum maintenance standards. Operating on logging roads can be damaging. Truck owners and trucking companies can be held responsible for accidents and injuries that occur because maintenance or repairs were neglected.Fighting for the Compensation You DeserveVictims of logging truck accidents are often left with significant physical injuries, pain and suffering, and unforeseen financial difficulties. The logging truck accident attorneys at Van Sant Law understand these challenges, and fight to help victims and their loved ones obtain full and fair compensation for their losses.Common Types of Logging Truck AccidentsRegardless of the cause, logging truck accidents can be catastrophic, resulting in significant physical injuries and even victims’ deaths. In some cases, accidents occur because of poor road conditions. In other situations, logging truck drivers’ errors result in tragedy.

Some common logging truck accident scenarios include:
  • Jack-knifed Trailers. Trucks folding in on themselves can block lanes and quickly create multi-vehicle accidents.
  • Inadequate Training. Drivers who were not properly trained to operate logging vehicles can make critical errors while behind the wheel.
  • Rollovers. Rollover accidents involving logging trucks can be particularly devastating for other vehicles on the road.
  • Poor Conditions. Sometimes, drivers fail to take appropriate care when driving in poor weather conditions or on poorly-maintained roadways.
Choose Van Sant Law as Your Logging Truck Accident LawyerIf you are searching for a law firm in the Atlanta metropolitan area to provide legal representation after a logging truck accident, look no further than Van Sant Law. Let our skilled logging truck accident attorneys help you through the complexities of your legal claim. We are committed to helping you pursue justice for your injuries and to holding responsible parties accountable. We are proud of our proven track record of success in truck accident settlement cases!

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I was in a car accident with a tractor trailer two years ago and David Van Sant came highly recommended for someone I could talk to about the situation. Best decision I've ever made! He fought for me in ways that was truly amazing. David and his crew worked so hard to come to a great conclusion on my case. Thank you David, Michael and everyone in the office. Mary
Attorney David M. VanSant is one of the best injury trial attorneys here in the Atlanta area. They are precise and unique in their approach. When I had my car accident, my whole world was turned upside down, but with Attorney VanSant and his team of professionals dedication and quality of service, my life is back on track. Let the VanSant team handle your case! You're in good hands. Crystal