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Pooler Personal Injury & Auto Accident Lawyers

Welcome to Pooler SignAlthough suffering from a severe injury or life-threatening complication can be a devastating experience, experiencing a serious condition that resulted from the recklessness, disregard, or fault of someone else can make your pain much worse. Should you feel that your injury was caused by someone else’s negligence, you may wish to seek legal counsel from an experienced personal injury attorney.

Van Sant Law,’s Areas of Practice

Negligence can take a variety of forms when it comes to personal injury cases, such as a defective product or medical device that injuries innocent consumers. Property owners may be held responsible if they failed to maintain safe grounds, and drivers or other motorists may be determined negligent if they cause accidents because they failed to pay attention to their surroundings.

Whether you are injured in an accident involving a boat, motorcycle, truck, bus, or car, Van Sant Law, is here to assist you throughout the legal process. We can help you determine what caused the accident and who is responsible for the injuries you sustained. Because we need to know the specifics surrounding the incident, you must inform us with each detail that you remember since you may be eligible to hold additional parties responsible for your condition.

Practice Areas Include:

Our Personal Injury Attorneys Understand

The experienced personal injury lawyers of Van Sant Law, have earned trust and gratitude from our past and current clients. Our legal staff comes a diverse legal background of personal injury areas, and our team is dedicated to assisting victims to recover the damages to which they may be entitled. We know how confusing the process may be, especially for those who have never had to consider pursuing a claim for compensation. We will speak with you to determine whether you have a case, and we will compile the necessary information so that you can obtain the most desirable outcome possible.

An advantage that Van Sant Law, has over other law firms in our practice areas is that several of our members have worked in the personal injury field as legal representation for insurance companies. We understand the methods employed by many insurance providers, and we use this knowledge to your advantage.

Types of Injuries Covered by Van Sant Law:

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