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Van Sant Law, LLC: How We Can Help

shaking handsPersonal injury claims are not a simple matter – if you do not have the proper amount of legal assistance, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to turn. At our firm, we have created this website in an effort to help our clients get a more comprehensive understanding of what they are actually facing. Below, you will find individual pages regarding some of the most prevalent issues in these types of claims.

Grounds for Personal Injury Claims
Not all accidents and injuries qualify victims to seek compensation through a personal injury claim. In order to know whether or not your case warrants financial compensation, you should speak with a personal injury lawyer who can review the circumstances of your case. Together, a decision can be made about whether or not you should pursue a personal injury claim.

What You Need to Know
One of the main reasons that some accident victims are not successful in their efforts to seek compensation through the claims process is because they were not privy to information that is essential for doing so successfully. Personal injury claimants who involve an attorney in their case stand a much better chance at obtaining desirable results, because they will be fully informed of everything that they need to know going into the matter.

Personal Injury Settlements
In some cases, you might be able to come to a settlement outside of a trial setting. This is typically a favorable outcome as you can avoid some of the most complicated of litigation and can come to an agreement between both parties. We are prepared to fight for this option but remain prepared if we need to take the case to trial.

The crux of many personal injury claims lies in the negligence of the defendant. Typically, the injuries and accidents occur because the defendant was reckless in behavior and failed to act as a reasonable person would. If you have been victimized by the negligence of another, we encourage you to consult with as soon as possible – we will help fight for you.

Do I Need an Injury Attorney?
It can be tempting to think that you will be able to handle your personal injury claim on your own. This is especially true in situations where you believe that fault is black-and-white. The truth, however, is that you will be going up against insurance companies with deep pockets and a huge motivation to avoid paying. By working with us, you will be able to take the necessary steps towards fighting to defend your rights – protecting your best interests.

How Much Is My Case Worth?
Determining the value of your personal injury claim is dependent on a number of different variables, all of which are ultimately subject to the calculations and interpretations of the claims adjustor who is assigned to your case. Claims are worth more when the right investigative techniques are made and the total cost of damages is reported accurately.

Case Criteria
Strong personal injury lawyers know how to determine when an accident victim has good reason to take legal action and when they do not. As such, we are not in the practice of taking cases that do not present enough compelling evidence and criteria to make the case viable in court. That being said, if we take on your case, we feel confident in our ability to help you obtain compensation.

Case Preparation
The way in which your case is prepared is what will most significantly affect whether or not your claim is fulfilled or your litigation is settled successfully. The most prepared cases are those that include records of the expenses paid for damages to property, medical bills, doctor visits, etc. Your lawyer can help you prepare a list of all of your medical appointments, track receipts for medical expenditures, and the like.

Personal Injury FAQ
It is not unlikely that you have considerable questions regarding what you are facing. If you are in need of answers – and answers fast – we have what you are looking for. On this page, we have put together some of the most common points of confusion for people and given accessible and honest answers.

Financial Compensation
When seeking to file a claim, the most important driving force is typically the need for financial compensation. This can be used to cover current and future medical bills, can be used to cover lost wages and can even be used to compensate for the loss of quality of life.

How Your Insurance Affects Your Case
The majority of the settlement amount that you are offered for your personal injury case will be paid out by the insurance company. As such, your insurance provider could drastically – and adversely – affect your ability to receive compensation if they are unwilling to cooperate. With an attorney by your side, however, a professional can help you avoid the potential negative influence of an insurance company.

Dealing with Insurance Adjustors
Insurance adjustors are notoriously stubborn and, often, unwilling to pay out the full amount owed to a claimant who was injured in an accident. As a result, dealing with insurance adjustors is a job that must be done delicately, and only by a professional who knows the tricks and tactics that adjustors often resort to in order to minimize your payout.

Liability in a Personal Injury Claim
Determining liability in a personal injury claim is often the most confusing and difficult aspect. After all, in determining who is liable, you will be able to determine who was responsible for the injuries sustained and will be able to help move towards seeking just financial compensation.


There is a vast array of factors and variations that can have an effect on whether or not one is able to obtain compensation in their personal injury case. Insurance companies can be considerably difficult to deal with, and frequently find ways in which to give the lowest settlement amount possible, or no settlement at all. In order to determine if you have strong grounds for filing a claim, contact a seasoned lawyer as soon as possible.