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Alpharetta Personal Injury Lawyer


After a person sustains an injury in an accident, hiring an attorney is usually the furthest thing from their mind. They will be focused on receiving proper medical treatment and recovering from the injuries that they have just incurred. Without a doubt, many people do not seek legal help unless they are advised to do so by another person. At a law firm with years of experience in the area of personal injury and car accident law, we strongly advise any person who believes that the accident they were involved in was caused by negligence to seek legal representation. Enlisting the assistance of a powerful personal injury lawyer can not only help you recover economic damages caused by the accident, but it can also help you maximize the claim.


The first step in establishing the value of your claim is to talk to a personal injury attorney. Your attorney will then conduct a thorough investigation of the accident, question any witnesses, and even call upon experts to provide testimonials on the case. With all of this information, you will be close to determining the worth of your claim.

After the investigatory stage of the case is complete, your attorney will review the total cost of all property damages, current medical expenses, projected future medical expenses and rehabilitation, loss of wages, loss of earning potential, and non-economic costs for pain and suffering. Compiling all of this information will give your attorney the approximate amount that they should negotiate for. Furthermore, if an insurance company is not ready to settle upon the value that your attorney has requested, your legal representative should prepare your case for court.


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