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Georgia Roll-Over Car Accident Lawyer

Roll-over accidents can be one of the most frightening types of accidents. Either because of a sharp turn at high speed, a malfunction of the vehicle, or being struck by another vehicle, the driver’s and passengers’ worlds can literally be turned upside down.

Roll-over car accidents can have many causes, including:

  • A vehicle (especially one with a high center of gravity like a sport utility vehicle or truck) traveling at a high rate of speed taking a sharp turn
  • A mechanical or design malfunction, such as those made famous by older models of the Ford Bronco that were prone to roll over at a high speed, especially if a tire blew out
  • A car could be hit by another vehicle, causing it to flip over
  • An improperly loaded heavy truck could roll over if the load suddenly turns over or slips to one side while the truck is making a turn

How is a rollover accident investigated?

Most accident cases involve some level of accident reconstruction to determine who is at fault, and this can be especially true for rollover accidents, given the history of defective vehicles that had problems with rolling over.

  • Once a police report is reviewed, we retain an expert to review the facts of the accident. The expert reviews the scene where it happened and investigates the remains of the vehicles. The expert can give our attorneys and client a clear understanding of what happened and why.
  • This expert investigation and opinion can be a solid basis on which to base legal claims to seek compensation from responsible parties.

Who is responsible for injuries caused in a rollover accident?

Any number of injuries could occur after a rollover accident. Given the force and speed at which some of these accidents occur, the injuries could be especially dangerous and potentially fatal. A rollover carries risks for those in the car and pedestrians or other vehicles that may be next to it. If someone in the car is not wearing a seatbelt, there is a risk that person could be ejected from the car and strike the road or another solid object at high speed.

Like any other car accident, damages caused by a roll-over crash should be paid by the person or entity responsible for the accident or his or her insurance company, whether it’s another driver, a vehicle manufacturer, or a negligent government entity. If a truck that rolls over due to an improperly secured load, the company employing the truck driver or the company responsible for loading the truck could be liable.

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