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Personal Injury Attorney Fees

Personal Injury Lawyer in Cumming and Atlanta

It can be difficult to know what to do about finding an attorney to help you recover compensation after an accident. One important matter is fees. Never hire a firm that will charge you whether they are successful or not. At Van Sant Law, LLC, we charge you nothing if we are not successful in recovering compensation for you in a settlement or verdict in court. This allows you to have a highly committed, results-oriented Cumming personal injury lawyer representing you, without any outlay of cash or going into any more debt. You are already dealing with losses – medical bills or deductibles, ambulance costs, loss of income from work, and other costs will add to a difficult situation. At our firm, we charge you nothing unless we win for you! Whether you are suffering from the results of a car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident or other types of accident, you need compensation, and we are here to help.

Our Legal Services are Free Unless We Achieve Results for You!

Our results-based law firm is so confident and motivated to achieve a positive case outcome that we ask for no upfront fees. We will not charge you expenses later if we don’t win – you will owe us nothing unless we are successful. Getting a claim paid can require expert witnesses, accident investigators, and medical evaluations, all at a cost. Some firms, even when they are unsuccessful, will later charge you for these services – that won’t happen at Van Sant Law, LLC. If we are successful in achieving a result for you, that is when we get paid, and otherwise, you will owe us nothing.

We know how difficult it is to deal with the consequences of a negligent act. Whether the situation involves you or a family member, you can be confident that when our firm takes on the case, everything possible will be done to achieve a settlement or verdict for you. We do not believe you should be concerned about incurring more debt when you get legal representation. At our firm, if we are not successful, you will owe us nothing. Call today!

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