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Georgia Car Accidents and Property Damage Attorney

Car Accident Attorneys Fighting for Property Damage Compensation for Georgia Drivers

Car Insurance SignIf your car has been damaged in an accident, your right to compensation for repairs or the totaling of your car is called “property damage.” After the accident, you can actually file two separate claims: one relating to property damage and one relating to bodily injury. Getting an insurance company to compensate you for vehicle repairs or salvage can actually be easy, and may not require you to involve a Georgia car crash lawyer. There are a few things to keep in mind when filing your property damage claim, including:

  • Aftermarket vehicle parts vs. OEM parts. When an auto shop repairs your car, they will do so using either original equipment manufacturer parts (OEM), or aftermarket parts. While most insurance companies will claim that the difference between the two kinds of parts is negligible, the truth is that aftermarket parts are much cheaper than OEM parts, and that is why insurance companies like them. If your car is repaired using aftermarket parts, however, it can substantially lower the value of the vehicle, as a car/buyer dealer may check to see what types of parts were used to fix your vehicle, and adjust what they are willing to pay your accordingly.
  • Diminished value. Once your car is repaired after an accident, you are entitled to “diminished value.” This is the amount of money related to your car’s decrease in value after suffering damage. When you decide to sell your car, a buyer can look up the car’s VIN number to check if it has been in an accident. Seeing that it has, they will likely offer you less money. In our state, it is your right to seek compensation for the lost value of your vehicle. However, it is important to know that any insurance company you deal with will likely not volunteer this.


At Van Sant Law, we often get calls from people asking if we will help recover money for their wrecked car. Usually, the answer is “no,” as most people will not be able to pay off their car loans with the money they receive after they pay their legal fees. However, we are able to provide effective help for those seeking compensation for bodily injury. The monetary losses related to personal injury are typically much higher than those related to property damage, and accident victims may need the help of an experienced Georgia personal injury attorney in order to obtain the compensation they require.

If you have suffered property damage due to an automobile accident, contact us today for a free case evaluation.