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Serving Victims of Car Accidents in Georgia

There can be just about any type of injury you can imagine due to a vehicle accident. Whatever injury you may have suffered in an accident, you need to get proper medical care and ensure that your legal rights for treatment and compensation are protected.

There are many factors that can result in a certain type of injury and whether it’s severe or not, including the speed of the vehicles, the health of the person before the accident, whether solid objects like guardrails are hit, the angles with which a vehicle hits something, and whether the drivers and passengers used seat belts.

Here are some of the more common injuries:

1. Soft Tissue Damage

Whiplash (a severe neck strain) is the best known form of soft tissue injury suffered in car accidents, but sprains, strains, and bruising throughout the body can occur. Those with soft tissue injuries often undergo a course of physical therapy or chiropractic treatment in order to recover.

2. Fractured and Broken Bones

One of the more common forms of broken bones is a compound fracture, or open fracture. It can be caused by objects slamming into the victim’s body and breaking bone beneath. Broken and fractured bones require orthopedic treatment, often surgical, but mostly the body must to heal itself. Because of advanced age or other pre-existing medical conditions, that healing may be very difficult or slow.

3. Internal injuries

Injuries can occur when a person is subjected to a blunt, non-penetrating force such as being shoved into the dashboard or door interior as the result of an accident. Even with the use of seat belts and the deployment of emergency airbags, you could still experience blunt abdominal trauma. Injured organs can include the spleen, lungs, heart, liver, kidneys, and bowels.

These injuries can be unseen and may not be felt for a period of time, so it’s vitally important you seek medical attention as quickly as possible after an accident. You may be diagnosed with an injury you didn’t know existed.

4. Traumatic brain injury (TBI)

TBI can be very serious and may have lifelong consequences. This can be caused by a direct blow to the head or the force of the accident may cause the head to violently jerk back and forth with the brain potentially hitting the skull interior.

Such an injury may result in unconsciousness, pain, dizziness, or nausea. It can significantly impair the patient’s cognitive, physical, emotional, and behavioral abilities short and long term. If severe and permanent, the accident victim may require constant, life long care.

5. Amputation

Collisions at a high rate of speed or involving at least one heavy vehicle can create a force strong enough to cause injuries that either directly, or due to medical treatment, result in the loss of limbs, hands, feet, fingers, or toes. Though prosthetic devices have become very advanced, such a loss will undoubtedly significantly impact a person’s life.

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