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Bad Faith Insurance Lawyer

Personal Injury Attorney Working on Behalf of the Injured in Alpharetta, Atlanta and Cumming, Georgia

Are you the victim of insurance bad faith in Alpharetta, Georgia? Unfair treatment by your insurance company, as far as not following through on promises, is insurance bad faith and can be fought with the legal assistance of an Alpharetta personal injury lawyer.

If you have been faithfully paying your premiums and had the confidence in your future that comes from having insurance, your company should be held to their end of the deal.

Your insurance provider has promised to deliver you with the assistance necessary when the time comes. Having fallen through on their end of the deal, you may have the right to take legal assistance against them to recover damages.

Recovering Compensation

At Van Sant Law, LLC, we are able to help you recover compensation for the fair value of your claim, as well as damages resulting from their lack of attention to your case. We are committed to defending the rights of individuals in your position who have come into opposition with the insurance company that was committed to financially protecting them in times of need. Your insurance company should be on your side after involvement in a tragic circumstance and should not become your opponent. With an Alpharetta insurance bad faith attorney by your side, we can help the insurance company hold true to that which they have committed.

Types of Insurance Bad Faith

Unfair treatment of the policy holder or denials of a valid claim is cause for legal action. Insurance companies are set in place for the purpose of making money. If they have taken actions that lead to a breach of your policy, our firm can help you obtain the restitution you deserve. There are other ways that your insurance company can place you in a difficult position. A delay in payment or the cancellation of insurance following a claim are two other ways that the company can be taking advantage of your situation. When the insurance company’s goal becomes focused on what they can gain from your claim and not how you can be assisted in your time of need, you can be at a disadvantage. Speak with an attorney from our firm today for legal assistance pursuing the most opportune strategy.

After an accident, you want your insurance company to make the process as simple as possible. Filing a claim and wishing to recover just compensation can be a very difficult process if your insurance company is not cooperating. At Van Sant Law, LLC, your case will be handled in the most effective manner possible. We can help ensure that you are not being taken advantage of by the insurance company and that you are able to pay for your medical bills and other costs associated with rebuilding your life after an accident.

Alpharetta Personal Injury Firm

If you would like more information on whether you are facing an insurance bad faith case, it could be helpful to speak with our Alpharetta personal injury lawyer from Van Sant Law, LLC. You can find out what we can do to help in this type of situation. Our primary objective is to protect your right by holding the liable party responsible. We can represent you on your case by taking a personalized approach that is unique to your accident and insurance bad faith. We can hold them liable for misconduct or breach of faith. Our firm can be prepared for wherever this case takes us so that we can obtain a large settlement on your behalf. Speak with our firm as soon as possible to take action against your insurance company. If your insurance company was not there for you when you needed it to be, contact Van Sant Law, LLC today!