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What Are The Different Kinds of Trucking Accidents?

rollover truck in GeorgiaDue to the often hazardous roadways and highways across the nation, there are many causes of trucking accidents that take place each year. In fact, studies have shown that almost half a million of these types of accidents take place each year, and 5,000 of these crashes involve fatalities. Even though the actual type of trucking accident is different, it is estimated that for every eight accidents, there is at least one fatality.

Just like other types of accidents, there is no way to predict when a trucking accident may take place. However, when you remain aware of your surroundings, especially when semi-trucks are present, it will help to reduce the chances that this type of wreck will take place. Each year the numbers of semi-trucks on the roads increase, which means that roads are becoming more congested, leading to an increase in the risk of trucking accidents.

Trucking Accident Types

There are a number of elements that can increase the chances of a trucking accident taking place, such as the time of day or adverse weather conditions. However, specific kinds of trucking accidents will vary depending upon the driver of the vehicle, the ability that he or she has to react correctly, and the trucking equipment.

Some of the most prevalent causes of trucking accidents include:

  • Blind spots: Motorists must always be aware of a truck driver’s blind spots to reduce the likelihood of an accident. Truckers often have difficulty seeing motorcyclists and smaller vehicles because the blind spots are typically quite large, making it hard to safely change lanes.
  • Lost load: It is essential that truck drivers learn how to properly secure their loads and then check them each time they embark on a trip. However, when drivers fail to do so, the cargo may become loose and either falls off the truck onto a highway or passenger vehicle, or shifts the truck’s weight inside the trailer, which causes a rollover accident.
  • Head-on: Unfortunately, due to often-pressing schedules, drivers may become reckless or negligent in the delivery of goods. As a result, they may speed or act in ways that are unsafe and cause head-on collisions with other vehicles.
  • Rear-end: Another common type of accident are rear-end crashes involving semi-trucks, which can cause devastating consequences, depending upon the weight of the cargo and the speed at which the truck driver is traveling.
  • Under-ride: When this type of accident takes place, a truck driver will slam on the brakes suddenly, in many cases with no prior notice, and then the driver that is traveling behind the truck continues moving forward, traveling beneath the semi-truck’s trailer. These types of accidents typically result in significant damage to the smaller vehicle.
  • Tire blowout: This is similar to a blowout on a regular passenger automobile, but these are sometimes more serious, because it can cause the semi driver to lose control, which creates a dangerous situation for all nearby vehicles.
  • Jackknife: Jackknife truck accidents occur when the trailer on the semi truck swings out in a crash, triggering the cab of the vehicle to turn the trailer. The trailer then folds itself to form an acute angle, thus the term “jackknife.”
  • Air brake: In an air brake accident, the brakes of the semi fail, often when traveling downhill, and the driver is unable to stop the truck. Due to the stress placed on air brakes by heavy loads, it is important that drivers consistently monitor the condition of the parts.
  • Truck rollovers: While these types of accidents commonly occur at high speeds, rollovers can also happen if the driver is traveling five mph. Truck rollovers happen when the tires on the vehicle fail to grip the road, causing the driver to lose control and slide sideways.

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