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Receiving Compensation for a Single Vehicle Accident

Individuals who have been involved in a single vehicle accident often do not seek compensation because they feel at a complete disadvantage. Automobile accidents involving another vehicle seem to make more sense; the other driver is either to blame or not to blame. Single vehicle accidents can be much more complicated in terms of assessing liability. As the sole driver in an automobile accident, you are not always solely responsible for causing the accident. There are a number of factors that can contribute to single vehicle accident.

Common causes of these types of accidents include environmental factors such as rain, snow, and black ice; industrial spillage or other slippery surfaces; poorly designed roads and improper signage; and swerving to avoid another driver, animal, or road hazard. One other key contributor to the number of single vehicle accidents can be malfunctioning or faulty equipment, requiring that an auto product liability claim be filed to collect compensation for damages. No matter what might have contributed to or caused your accident, if you have been involved in a single vehicle accident and you would like to seek compensation for any damages or significant injuries, you should contact an Alpharetta car accident attorney without hesitation.

Single Vehicle Accident Lawyer in Alpharetta and Atlanta

When seeking compensation for injuries or damages sustained in a single vehicle accident of any kind it is absolutely essential to hire a personal injury attorney who has the experience, knowledge, and skill necessary to stand up to insurance companies, car manufacturers, or any other individual or organization who would stand in your way. At Van Sant Law, LLC, our attorneys know that insurance companies will do everything they can to show that you are solely to blame for your accident in the interest of reducing the amount of compensation they will have to pay out. We will stand firmly by your side and help ensure that you are not taken advantage of and that we will fight for the maximum possible compensation, based on the injuries or other damages in the case.

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