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Should I use my health insurance

I am often asked by clients whether they should use their health insurance to pay for medical expenses after a wreck. The answer is yes! (Though don’t expect the same answer from your insurance company or medical provider.) Although completely false, clients often tell me that certain medical providers told them that they cannot use their health insurance because the injuries are a result of a wreck. This is simply not true. There is no clause in your health insurance policy that says, “We will agree to accept your premiums in exchange for providing health insurance benefits unless the injuries are a result of a wreck.” That clause simply doesn’t exist. If you have health insurance, you should make sure every medical provider you see is aware of it and is instructed to bill your insurance company. Please note that, if you fail to advise them of your health insurance in a timely manner, you may lose the right to bill your health insurance at all.

I have also had clients tell me that the at-fault automobile insurer (e.g., Geico, Progressive, State Farm) have actually told them not to use their health insurance and not to seek treatment from a specialist, because they will not pay for it. This is extremely frustrating, and it is unfair that adjusters are allowed to manipulate people this way. Really, the only exception is Med-Pay. If you have medical payments coverage on your own automobile policy, you must exhaust that prior to using your health insurance benefits. Otherwise, you should absolutely use your health insurance.

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