A popular local DJ was injured and the driver of another car was killed in an early-morning head-on collision on Ga 400. Authorities say the driver who was killed was going the wrong way on the Interstate. This is the second fatal crash involving a wrong-way driver to occur on this highway in the last nine days.

Kelly Stevens, co-host of B98.5’s morning show Vikki and Kelly, called into the show this morning from Grady Memorial Hospital where he is recuperating with broken bones and other minor injuries. He said he was on his way to work at the radio station when he encountered a wrong-way driver headed straight for him on Ga 400 near Holcomb Bridge and Northridge Roads. He said there was nothing he could do to avoid the other car. The crash occurred around 3:30 Friday morning.

Eerily, another fatal accident involving a driver going the wrong way on Ga 400 occurred just a few days ago. In the early morning hours of Aug. 15, a head-on collision took the lives of two drivers.

Liability in this situation can be complicated, particularly when you are dealing with a fatality. While issues may look clear-cut, the insurance company for the deceased driver may drag out investigations in hopes of delaying or avoiding payments on the policy. The insurance company might question the existence of adequate lighting for signage at entry or exit ramps, and may look for other parties to share the blame. Investigations can drag on for a long time.

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