According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution one adult and one minor child were killed and four others in the car were transported to various hospitals in conditions ranging from serious to critical last night (03/20/13) when a suspect fleeing from DeKalb County police officers struck a sedan. The incident started as a traffic stop near Snapfinger Woods and East Wesley Chapel Road, near Decatur.

When the officer exited his vehicle and began to approach that SUV, the driver of the SUV fled the scene. According to DeKalb County representatives, the officer “drove up to the crash scene on East Wesley Chapel Road.” The SUV’s driver and a passenger were both arrested. This is a terrible accident and it is doubtful the fleeing suspect would have enough automobile insurance coverage to compensate the injured individuals and their loved ones.

In situations like this, you must investigate whether the officers followed procedures and determine whether they are at least partially responsible for this horrific accident. If the police officers failed to follow procedures, the individuals injured may be able to recover additional compensation under a policy of insurance maintained by DeKalb County. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident involving a police chase, I would encourage you to contact Van Sant Law, so that the firm can demand answers regarding the circumstances surrounding the chase, and fully explore whether the County can be held accountable.

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